Sunday, March 9, 2014

Winter Fun

The fact that I've been incredibly busy can be part of my excuse for not blogging for about 10 weeks!  We have had some fun times and some memories I'd like to preserve, starting with some winter sledding fun at my moms house.

Going to "the farm" isn't the same without dad.  Sledding, or really doing anything recreational, at my mom's house, makes me wish at so many levels that my dad was around.  If he were there he'd insist on doing things his way. He'd want us to lay down and he'd give us all big pushes.  Then he'd decide to fire up his flat bed truck and tie the sleds to the back of the truck and drive up and down the road. He'd do 90% of the work doing his best to insure that everyone had a good time.  He may have taken us to Cub River to a spot where he'd believe we would have more fun.  I sure miss him.

It was a beautiful day of sledding, and he has taught us all well.  I tend to be a party pooper and I even got into it for quite a while.  How could I not? The sun was shining and the snow was perfect! Josh, Cody and I were out there for 1-2 hours longer than the kids.  Sledding is so nostalgic for me.

Andy had his own idea of how it should be done on his own sled.  My dad would have been happy to see him out there although he would have tried to convince Andy that there was a better way.

John loved being out in the sun even in his stiff snow suit.

We got out the four wheeler so we wouldn't have to walk to the top of the hill.  (That may be why I got into it for so many hours.) John rode back and fourth in the basket.  He loved that until he tried the sled, then he insisted on going on the sled.

Cara is always up for a good time.  She put her helmet and goggles to good use.  She is so competitive and couldn't stand it if someone went further than her.

Ali looks serious in this picture (all of the others her hat was covering her eyes) but she was a happy camper playing in the snow.

Unfortunately in January Caleb was really sick he spent weeks sleeping.  We had a hard time getting him better so he didn't participate.  He spent the day laying on the couch. 

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