Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Caleb LOVES soccer. The season went really fast for me. I haven't even blogged about it and it is over. I don't think I am a big fan of spring soccer because of the crazy unpredictable weather, but it sure is fun when the weather is nice. Caleb is an aggressive player. He isn't the fastest guy on the team, but he seems to hang out in the right spot or else he is really lucky. I thought it was a fluke last year when he scored at every single game, but he scored at 7 of the 8 games he played this year too. One of our friends overheard Josh tell him that if he scored at least three goals that we would go out for ice cream after. She couldn't believe Josh would create such high expectations, but then she started watching Caleb and realized he was totally capable. He did score three goals at most of the games. It was fun to watch him. (When the weather was good.) I don't know how Josh and I ended up with an athlete, but it is fun. He isn't a great runner, but he really likes to play and be aggressive.

The team this year was really fun because every kid was from our ward. It was great to cheer for kids that I already know and love.

Bountiful Baskets

We have been having so much fun using the variety of fruits and veggies in our Bountiful Baskets over the past few months. (For those of you who don't know, Bountiful Baskets is a coop that provides highly discounted fruits and vegetables to its members. Each Saturday we pick up a basket full of a variety of fresh produce. We don't pick what we get, everyone gets the same things.) Thank goodness for Google so that we can learn about some of the produce and how to use it. A few weeks ago the kids and I had a great time preparing and steaming artichokes. We didn't love the way they tasted, but the process was fun.

This week we have to figure out Brussels Sprouts. It is fun to get creative, and having a bunch of fresh produce has helped me enjoy being in the kitchen a little bit more.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ali's Blessing

Ali was blessed on May 2nd. The day could not have gone better. She was awake and peaceful during her blessing, and Josh did a great job. We had my parents, Merle, Christie (Jeff), Cody (Steph), and Connie (Colby) all there from my family, and Josh's parents, Grandma Alice, Christina (Ross), and Gabe from Josh's family. We had a delicious brunch of crepes, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit and veggies after sacrament meeting. She looked beautiful in her dress. I am hoping someone has a better picture than this of our family, but this will have to due for now.

I had pictures taken of her this week. She is two months old. I just love her. (It was hard to pick just a few pictures to post.)

She officially smiles so sweetly. On her blessing day she gave some great grins. She is also waking up. She wants me to hold her more often than I have time for so today I ordered her a great new mobile. Hopefully it will provide some good entertainment for her and keep her out of reach of her loving brother Andy. He can't get enough of her. He literally wants to eat her. He has been known to bite her head and to lick her. I have to closely supervise.