Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Treats


This year I decided to make a neighbor gift that the kids could help with. We have had a lot of fun making them so I am posting the idea so that you can make them with your kids. They make a great FHE activity/treat. They are just pretzels with kisses melted on them and an M&M on top. To make them put the pretzels on a tray with the kiss. The best kisses are the candy cane, but you can use any kind. Put them in the oven on 180 for about 5-6 minutes. Place an M&M on the tip of the kiss after they are melted and let them cool. They are a great treat and fun for the kids.


Friday, August 31, 2007

Carrie Is 30!

I am happy to announce that I am now 30! I had a wonderful birthday on the 28th. Josh took part of the day off work, which made me very happy, and he and my friends threw a neighborhood/family birthday party for me. You all know that I love to be with people so having a party was a perfect gift. I had a wonderful day. Josh brought me breakfast in bed. (It was my favorite - McDonalds.) We went out to lunch at Hameltons while my sister Connie watched the kids and made cookies for the party. Then Erica and I went to the beauty college and had facials for just $5. (I loved the facial, but I also love a bargain.) Then we spent the evening partying. Thank you to my family and friends for all of your love and support. I am who I am because of you. I love you!

Carrie's 30

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Boys

I couldn't resist posting this picture of Josh and Caleb. Aren't they cute? I don't think most men like dressing in matching cloths with their kids, but Josh loves it. He an Caleb are two peas in a pod.
Josh and Caleb

NAI Lagoon Day

The company that Josh is now doing commercial real estate with, NAI Utah, had a Lagoon day on Friday. Even though the kids still aren't 100% we had a wonderful time with them. Luckily my aunt Merle took them for the evening so that Josh and I could get some time to do rides too. It is hard for us to grow up!
Lagoon Car


Caleb and Cara both had surgery on Monday August 13th. They both had their adenoids out and tubes put in their ears and Caleb had his tonsils out too. Needless to say it has been a rough week. Caleb knew that he was going to the hospital and he was going to have surgery, but he had no idea what that meant. He has been such a good sport about it all, but he hasn€™t wanted to do much this week. Cara has been a sport too. She has spent a lot of time sleeping this week, but has done well otherwise. I have some pictures I will add soon.

Ready for Church

Sometimes I think the kids are so cute when they are ready for church that I can't resist taking a picture.


Caleb wears a backpack with all of his chruch toys and snacks. Cara looks like a princess.

Chruch 2

Getting a picture on Sunday morning is not an easy thing to do, but it is fun to see the kids in matching outfits.

Silly Cara

Our "Sweet Caroline" has become "Silly Caroline." She has always been a little silly, but she is becoming sillier all the time.
Cara Pull-Up
Wearing Caleb's pull-up is just one example of how silly she can be.
Cara Eat
She would rather wear her bowl than eat from it.
Cara Blanket
She insists on carrying her blanket first thing in the morning.
Cara Dall
She likes to push her doll around, but sometimes she just can't resist the temptation to sink her teeth into whatever is around.
Cara Tub
She loves the water and doesn't even mind when Caleb tortures her.
Cara Sleep
All of this silliness in a day can wear a girl out!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bear Lake

We had the fun opportunity to spend a couple of nights in Bear Lake this week. We all had a great time. Dawson and Cara had a dirtiest kid contest. We decided they both deserved top awards.
Dirty Kids
Caleb and Isaac call this fun. It may look like a fight to the rest of us, but they can not get enough wrestling. They are 110% boy!
Caleb and Isaac in the Sand
We spent both mornings at the beach. Ethan and Cara found great joy in destroying Caleb's sand castle. Beach
The kids loved the water, especially Cara. She would run in sit down, gasp for air, splash a few times, and run back out. She was so fun to watch.
Cara in Water

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cara Loves to "Help"

Cara in the Sink
Cara is my little helper. This was her third outfit in one day. I set her up to the bar to eat, and the next thing I knew she was sitting in the sink with the water on. What a girl.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Anniversary Trip

Josh and I had a wonderful fifth anniversary trip this weekend. We had been planning on going to Park City for the weekend, but a couple of weeks ago Josh got lucky at an NAI golf event and won a $500 gift certificate for the Blue Boar Inn in Midway. (It was a random drawing. It was not at all based on his golfing skills.) We were able to blow the entire $500 by staying at this very classy inn, enjoying some incredible fine dining, taking scooter rides around Midway and the nearby mountains, and we topped it off by taking a helicopter tour. We had a wonderful time. We feel so fortunate to be celebrating five wonderful years together! Thanks to our parents for taking the kids!


Monday, July 2, 2007


With all of the pictures on the blog I thought I better also add a family update for those who are interested in knowing more. We are all doing very well. Josh is really getting into his new career doing commercial real estate with NAI. The transition has been a little rocky, but we are defiantly on the upswing. He loves what he is doing, and we feel so good about the change. Luckily we have had Investment Lending, which I very much enjoy, that has held us over while he was making the switch. I have also been working (at least a few hours a week) on my book. I figure it should be done sometime in this decade at the rate I am going. If you didn€™t know, I am working on a book for LDS women that will help to smooth the transition into motherhood. If anyone has suggestions or stories that might be helpful I would love to speak with you about them. Please let me know.

We have some exciting upcoming events. This weekend we will celebrate our fifth anniversary. A couple of weeks ago I was speaking at EFY and part of my bio was that I had been married for five years and I have two kids. I couldn't believe it! It felt like yesterday I was a counselor wondering if I would ever get married. Time sure does fly! We are looking forward to our big trip to France and Italy in September. Josh and I are clueless about what to do or see so if you have any insight we are certainly taking suggestions. All we have planned is that we fly into Paris and twelve days later we fly out of Rome. My mom is taking our kids (bless her heart!!) so it will be a celebration of our anniversary and both of our 30th birthdays this year.

The kids are just growing like crazy. We will be tied down for a while in August as they are both having surgery on the 13th. They are both getting tubes in their ears and their adenoids out, and Caleb is getting his tonsils out too. It should be interesting! But I am looking forward to having kids that don€™t always have ear infections, although they are both such a joy (most of the time) that you would hardly know.

Caleb continues to be obsessed with playing ball, any kind of ball. He was just introduced to golf this last week. Now he wants to go to the €œgolf-ball court€, the €œgolf-ball field€ or the €œgreen park€, of course he means the putting green, every day. He hasn€™t quite got the lingo down, but he is getting the sport. You name a sport that has a ball, and he can play it!

Cara went from crawling to running. She is such a busy girl. I don€™t remember Caleb being into things like she is, and he certainly wasn€™t as brave. We have a rock wall in our back yard that consists of about six big boulders at it highest spot. If I let her into the backyard alone or if I turn my back on her guaranteed she will be scaling the rock wall. For some reason she loves to climb down it. It gives me a heart attack, but she feels like she has got it all under control. She is fearless.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Having Fun!

We are having a great summer.
Our dear friends, the Low's, got a boat. We are really glad! We have tried to take as much advantage of that as possible.

This is our nanny Robyn. She is with the kids 10-15 hours a week so that I can work. They have a blast with her.


This was the first and last time Cara got to take a sink bath with her cousen Ethan. (Josh's sister, April's, boy.) They loved splashing. Needless to say my kitchen got a good wipedown after the bath.

Caleb and his best friend Isaac are just trying to "hang-loose" this summer.

First Hair Cut

I am proud of myself for giving Cara her first hair cut. It turned out so cute. Here she is checking it out.

Cody is Married

Cody got married to Stephanie on May 5th in the Bountiful Temple. This is the whole fam.

Cathie and Keith even made the trip out with their three little ones for the wedding.

Poor Steph now has to deal with the Owen girls!