Friday, July 13, 2012

Living the Dream

I have to remind myself many times every day that I am living the dream!  This wild, crazy madness is it - the dream!  It is so important to keep in perspective how this is what I want and if life were any other way it would not be complete.  It is hard to remember when I am doing the 8th load of laundry for the day or getting told "no" for the 10th time.

Living the dream is something we have said in my family for many years when referring to everything about motherhood, including but not limited to, being preggo, getting pooped or thrown up on, packing everyone for vacation, making dinner, listening to a kindergardener sound out "on" and similar words for the 5000th time, potty training, having an 8 year old that still wets the bed every night, ect.  This summer feels like a time that I need to REMEMBER more than ever to take time to enjoy the dream I'm living.  In fact, I should start a list of "mothering moments" that will help me remember this time in my life.  I am afraid it is going to slip through my fingers and I will have forgotten it all because it is SO crazy around here.  I can't even begin to explain how crazy it is.  I really like order, cleanliness, and structure and we are missing all of those key ingredients in our house right now, but there is a lot of joy, laughter and happy kids.  Personally I feel like five kids on summer vacation has taken me to my capacity.

Tonight I added John's picture to our piano.  Josh said, "that is quite the line-up, the dream team."  That is right - living the dream.

I pulled some pictures of our crazy lives from Josh's phone. . .

Ali loves to be in the bassinet.  She likes to "pretend" she is a baby.  
The problem is when she climbs in the bassinet when Johnny is sleeping in there.  

Josh tucks the kids into bed at night.  He usually takes a little nap too.  
Most often he lays with Andy, but it is hard to get a good picture on the bottom bunk.

This picture captures just a tiny bit of Ali's spunky personality.
She is a tornado on legs!

Caleb loves nothing more than to snuggle with Johnny.  
It always looks like Johnny is giving Caleb a big hug the way Caleb holds him.

We "cleaned the kitchen sink" at Angies.

The kids insisted on taking pictures on the four wheelers at Renegade Sports.
As if we don't make a big enough scene everywhere we go.  
When I take everyone to the store with me I feel like a mother duck with her ducklings following behind.  

Josh and I love live theater and in order to get to the Bandito show at Pickleville Playhouse this year I took Cara to the 5:00 show and Josh took Caleb to the 8:00 show so that we could tag team tending.
This picture is Caleb with Bandito.

Caleb sang as part of a primary choir at Stake Conference.  
Josh took the kids without me because it was right after I had Johnny.

The boys enjoyed a treat at summer fest.  I am an outing mom.
I just can't stay home all the time so even with five little ones I try to get out every day.
I'm not sure if it helps me to be sane or insane. 

Baths are necessary every night in the summer! 
Andy hated to get his hair washed until a month or two ago when I showed him what I meant when I said close your eyes.  Apparently he understand what what close your eyes meant. He is okay with the shampoo now.

Ali being her silly self at the park. 

Cara being the cute poser that she is.

Shortly after Johnny was born Josh and his sister April took Caleb and Cara and their cousin Ethen to the Hill Air Force Air Show while my mom had Andy and Ali so that I could have some piece and quite at home with baby Johnny.

They loved the show but it was a little loud for Caleb. 

Ali is giving up napping in her crib, darn!
But napping on the stairs - no problem. 

Josh was in charge of a fundraising effort for the Cache Childrens Justice Center in conjunction with the Logan Film Festival.  They designed and sold skateboard decks.  

Ali loves to pull cute little faces. 

Kids love marble works, but they are more of a building job for parents than they are for kids. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

10 Years and Counting

July 6, Josh and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by taking a little family trip to Bear Lake for a few days.  Okay, so it isn't a trip to Europe or Hawaii, but I think it was the responsible thing to do with five little kids and $15,000 worth of doctor bills from a new baby coming in.  (Yes, that is our family medical deductible.  Good thing Johnny is so wonderful because he is going to cost us a fortune.)  We did have our own private island at Bear Lake! It is always nice to get a way for a few days. 

All the kids need to be really happy is a swimming pool, check, and TV, check.  (We don't have cable at home.  The kids get too much screen time with the computer and occasional movies and video games.)  Of course we did a few fun outings too.  I remember gong to Minetonka Cave as a child on a field trip so we took the family.  It was awesome.  We also took Caleb and Cara to Pickleville Playhouse.  Live theater is always a treat and Pickleville does and awesome job!

It is always hard to come back from vacation so we kept the outings going.  Caleb wanted to do go-carts in Bear Lake but there is a better track, that costs less in Logan so we went and gave it a try. The kids loved it, including the big kid, Josh.

Why not celebrate our first 10 years with our kids, really that is what the last 10 years has been all about.  I have been pregnant 4 of the 10 years and have had a baby 4 of the 10 years.  I have decided this is phase 1 of married life, have children.  Phase 2 will take the next 20 years, raise children.  I'm excited about completing phase 1 and totally focusing on phase 2.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sunshine Singers

The last two weeks of June two of my talented friends provided a musical theater camp in the neighborhood.  My kids were lucky enough to participate.  They had a fantastic time, even Caleb was excited to go every day and loved performing.  The theme of the program was "The Wonderful World of Disney."  It was impressive!
(Caleb top center, Cara second row left, Andy second row right)

The boys treated us to "I won't grow up" from Peter Pan.
Andy spend two weeks chanting the words "I won't grow up . . . I don't want to grow up."
They were so cute.  
(Caleb is the tall one, Andy is far right)

The girls sang an adorable song from Tangled. 
Cara loves singing the songs from the camp.  It drives Caleb crazy. 
(Cara front and center.)

Caleb even sang a little solo.  It makes me happy that he enjoys music and not just sports. 

Ali likes going to events and watching the kids.
She is the singer and dancer of the family though.
She sings ALL THE TIME and she DANCES allot.

It was a fantastic experience.  
I feel blessed that my children get to participate in such great programs. 

I am glad that Cara (my girl) got the short genes in the family.  Check out the sizes in this picture.  Caleb is just 2 years older than Cara and Andy is 2.5 years younger than Cara.  Currently Cara and Andy wear the same size shoe.  At age three Andy has almost caught up with his six year old sister.  She is my little munchkin.  I'm afraid that Ali might have the tall gene though. 

John's Big Day

Johnny was blessed on July 1.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  We have 1:00 church which was really nice for getting everyone ready.  We even had time to take a few pictures before church.  (As a side note, our ward is so huge that the chapel is full 20 minutes early.  Seriously, if you get there at 12:45 you will be sitting in the gym so Josh went early to save us seats.)

Johnny was blessed by his dad.  The circle included both of his Grandpa's, Lonn and Neil, and two of his uncles, Gabe and Colby, and our wonderful Bishop Gordon Cutler.  
We are always grateful for the family support we receive. 
We had an enjoyable afternoon with a roast dinner and family. 
The blessing was beautiful and the spirt was very strong.  I am thankful that my husband is worthy and willing to exercise his priesthood power.  We are very blessed.

His blessing went as follows:
Our dear Heavenly Father, by the authority of the Melchizedik Priesthood which we hold and in the name of Jesus Christ, we bless this child and give him a name and a blessing.  The name which he shall be known on the earth and records of the Church is John Gregory Kirk.  John, it is time to give you a blessing that you will be a light to those in darkness; that you will show happiness to all those you come in contact with; that you will be valiant and honest in your dealings; that you will be a happy young man, strong and healthy; obedient and kind to your parents, friends, and siblings.  We bless you John that when the time comes you will be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost; that you will be close to the Lord and keep his commandments, in doing so the Spirit will be close to you; that at the right time you will take upon you sacred covenants in the temple.  You will promise to your Heavenly Father to keep your covenants and marry in the temple to your eternal companion.  We bless you that you will have a wonderful life that you will become the happy son He wants you to become.  We bless you with any other blessing that the Lord sees fit to give you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Monday, July 2, 2012

In Love

I guess it is okay that I am in love with my baby, John. Today he is four weeks old and I took him to get pictures.  He is so sweet!