Saturday, July 7, 2012

John's Big Day

Johnny was blessed on July 1.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  We have 1:00 church which was really nice for getting everyone ready.  We even had time to take a few pictures before church.  (As a side note, our ward is so huge that the chapel is full 20 minutes early.  Seriously, if you get there at 12:45 you will be sitting in the gym so Josh went early to save us seats.)

Johnny was blessed by his dad.  The circle included both of his Grandpa's, Lonn and Neil, and two of his uncles, Gabe and Colby, and our wonderful Bishop Gordon Cutler.  
We are always grateful for the family support we receive. 
We had an enjoyable afternoon with a roast dinner and family. 
The blessing was beautiful and the spirt was very strong.  I am thankful that my husband is worthy and willing to exercise his priesthood power.  We are very blessed.

His blessing went as follows:
Our dear Heavenly Father, by the authority of the Melchizedik Priesthood which we hold and in the name of Jesus Christ, we bless this child and give him a name and a blessing.  The name which he shall be known on the earth and records of the Church is John Gregory Kirk.  John, it is time to give you a blessing that you will be a light to those in darkness; that you will show happiness to all those you come in contact with; that you will be valiant and honest in your dealings; that you will be a happy young man, strong and healthy; obedient and kind to your parents, friends, and siblings.  We bless you John that when the time comes you will be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost; that you will be close to the Lord and keep his commandments, in doing so the Spirit will be close to you; that at the right time you will take upon you sacred covenants in the temple.  You will promise to your Heavenly Father to keep your covenants and marry in the temple to your eternal companion.  We bless you that you will have a wonderful life that you will become the happy son He wants you to become.  We bless you with any other blessing that the Lord sees fit to give you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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The Ravsten's said...

AWesome! You are so a mom of five! I love it. Congrats and you look great! Love ya.