Thursday, November 13, 2014

An Unlikely Halloween

We accomplished all of the usual Halloween festivities this year, but Halloween weekend was marked by the funerals of two dear family members.  With Halloween on Friday, Josh and I went separate directions early Saturday morning.  Josh, Andy, Ali and Cara in the direction of his Grandma Alice Kirk's funeral eight hours away in Montana and me, Caleb and Johnny to my dear Aunt Vickie's funeral in Sandy.  As time passes heaven seems to get sweeter and sweeter.  Despite the 16 hours of driving in two days Cara, Andy and Ali seemed to enjoy the little trip to Montana.  Maybe it was the bag of candy they had in the back seat!

In keeping with tradition, we carved pumpkins.  I'm glad to announce that the kids to a little more than they used to.  I'll be so glad when they are independent pumpkin carvers!!

We went to the pumpkin walk!

We got excessively hyper and rough housed until someone got hurt!

We dressed up for school and trick-or-treating. 
Cara was a beautiful Dark Bride

Caleb and Andy were Black Ninja's. 

Ali was a purple witch (for the third year in a row.)  I did give her other options, but this is what she wanted.  She has grown out of her original costume into the costume Cara wore when they were twiners!

Johnny was a Lion

Of course the kids loved Halloween!!