Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ski Party

Last weekend was the traditional, last Friday in January, ski party. We did the math and figure that my mom has had that party for about 25 years. She was going to give it up this year with Connie, her baby, leaving on her mission. She did it for her kids and they are all gone. I was just a couple of years older than Caleb when she started so I insisted that she not give it up because it is the fact that she has been doing it for so many years that gets her such a great night. If she gave it up we may never get a Friday night again. So I decided to take it over. It was interesting to see her perspective of the stress of having enough people. I tried to presale tickets so I could get a better count, but people have a really hard time committing which makes getting a good count stressful. In the last three days we went from 81 people (if there were less than 80 I would have to pay the difference) to 146 that night, but had the weather or snow been bad we may have gone in the other direction. I hope that in the years to come the stress will be worth it. My moms stress was sure worth it for me. I do have to ask myself why do it for my kids.

Caleb is SO NOT A SKIER. He was so excited for the party and counted down for it all month. All month he talked about doing jumps and what a great skier he is. After spending $27 to get his pass, his rentals, and his lesson he didn't even ski - again! He was excited for the lesson right up to the part where you put on the skis and go down the hill. He is such a chicken! He did enjoy playing on the snow in his ski boots. He called that skiing.

Cara on the other hand did a great job. She is a good sport and was willing to give skiing a good shot. I was proud of her.

The party in the lodge was fun. There was lots of great food, fun people and games. I tried skiing (which I did when I was this far along with Caleb and with Cara). I know some people would object, but I feel like a few careful runs wont hurt. I just have a hard time resisting the fresh air and the beautiful white snow. This time I only did a couple of runs because I was getting terrible charlie-horses in my feet and toes. I must be getting old. Darn!

The day after the ski party we took a little trip down to Temple Square. Connie finished up her visitors center training at the MTC with a trip to Temple Square. Every time she has written from the MTC she reminded mom of the hours she would be at Temple Square. We weren't going to go until on Saturday morning Connie's companion called from the call center to "get a referral." Mom could hear Connie in the background asking why she wasn't on her way to SLC. (Some people may frown on this so if it upsets you please keep your comments to yourself because what is done is done.) We did see her and visited for just 2-3 minutes. It was great! She was so happy to see us and we were happy to see her as a missionary too. We spent almost two hours on Temple Square even though we saw her within the first 30 minutes. We spent the entire time at the North and South Visitors Centers. It has all changed so much, and we did stuff with the kids that we have never done before. I think regular trips to Temple Square can be such a blessing for a family.

The kids just eat it all up and the sisters are so cute with them. Especially this time of year it seems that there are more missionaries on the temple grounds than visitors so we got a lot of attention. The highlight of the trip for me, besides seeing Connie, was when one of the missionaries asked Cara if she was going to be a missionary. She said that she was and the sister put her nametag on Cara. Cara stood so straight and tall with that nametag on. She was really glowing!

Usually we are at Temple Square at Christmas time when there are big crowds. It was fun to be there practically by ourselves and feel like we could take time to take classic pictures like this.

Random Thoughts by Caleb

I don't record the funny things my kids say often enough. Following are three things I have put on FaceBook at the end of last year. The others are just Caleb's random thoughts recently.

Is it a bad thing when your five year old says, "Is dad coming to visit tonight?" (November 13)

Today Caleb was telling us that there will be five kids in our family once the baby comes. Josh reminded Caleb that he isn't one of the kids. Caleb's reply was "oh yah" hence the miss count. (November 14)

Caleb refused to leave the classroom when he was called out for his H1N1 shot today. He came home bragging that he "didn't have to go." He was 100% sure he had outsmarted the system. He wasn't very happy when I took him right back down to the school, lying that we weren't going to get a shot the whole way. When he learned the shot was coming he ran for the door. It took four people to hold him down while the shot was given. (November 24)

For Christmas Caleb really wanted a kitty. (I am not a fan of stinky, hairy pets or really pets in general.) When I asked him what he asked Santa for he smiled and said, "You'll see" with a mischievous nod and smile.

Caleb is about to loose a fingernail. (He will probably loose another one in a month or two.) His fingers got slammed in the truck door after his Christmas program. Anyway, he has been hitting me up on a regular basis wondering if there is a "fingernail fairy" that can come and give him some money when he looses his nail.

Caleb's birthday is coming up and he has a doghouse set up under his bed with a spot for everything. He has a water dish, a food dish, a place for the puppy to go poo, a pillow, and he even has a face drawn on a long skinny piece of cardboard for the puppy to play with. He has been driving me crazy with his requests for a puppy and I am VERY CLEAR about saying no. He just keeps hoping saying, "maybe someone will surprise me." He has hit up both of my sisters who have dogs for one of their puppies. Connie told him he could have one if he has $150 to buy it. NO THANKS!