Friday, September 25, 2009

The stats are in

Andy turned one on the 23rd. Once again I wonder how time could go so fast. Andy has been such a joy for our family. I think I have taken more time to enjoy him than my other kids. Being sick the past few months I have laid on the couch, and he has been my entertainment. I have watch him go from rolling to get where he wanted, to learning to sit himself up, and just two weeks before he turned one he finally began to crawl. He has such an easygoing personality. He is just happy waiting for his brother or sister to get him something to play with. Caleb and Cara love him so much. They would do anything for him.

Today was his one-year well child visit. He weighed in at 24 lb. 9 oz putting him in the 75% for weight. His height was 31 inches putting him in the 85%. He is healthy happy and strong.

My family stepped up to the plate to give him a happy birthday party. It is fun to watch him with his cousin Daniel who is four months younger than Andy.

Grandma Iva provided a really fun ball toy

and of course a chocolate zucchini cake.

This picture was just as he burned his finger on the candle. (Note to self, blow the candle out right away.)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Calm as a Cat

Tonight I went to get Primary Election results for city council at the city office building. I felt calm as a cat. I felt like I couldn't loose either way. The results came in very slowly, and I didn't feel nervous or excited. I just know that whatever happened would be for the best. Three of the seven candidates were eliminated and I came in fifth, making me the winningest looser. I received a respectable number of votes, but not enough to get past the primary elections. I am totally satisfied because I believe I put my best foot forward. There are two things that bug me a little, but I am sure I will get over them quickly. The first thing is that people gave me money to help me get past primaries. I believe that I spent the money wisely, but I don't like the feeling that I "owe" them. The second thing that bugs me is that I received only 35 votes in my home precinct. The number is very comparable to the other candidates, but I think it is unfortunate that more of my friends from the ward didn't get out and vote. I think that people don't think that primary elections are important. The fact that only 13% of the registered voters in Providence (which equals 604 voters) got out to vote proves that people don't find it that important. With such small numbers every vote really did count. Thanks to all of you who did get out and vote. I am not looking forward to condolences, so please no condolences necessary. It's all good.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Call Me Crazy . . .

I am running for Providence City Council. I am really quite excited about it. I am trying not to get too attached to the idea until after primaries next Tuesday where three of the seven candidates will be eliminated, but I think it is a position I would really enjoy. The most important thing for making it through primaries will be for the people who know me to make an extra effort to get out and vote and to help me spread the word that I would be a good choice. I am the only one of the seven that is not a retiree. I think that being in my 30's I represent a large portion of the population of Providence that is not often represented in City Politics. I was intimidated by the experience of the other candidates, but after meet the candidate night last week I really feel like I have a decent chance of getting on the council if I can get through primaries. It will be fun to give it a shot.

My family gives me a hard time for putting too much text on my blog so if you aren't into Providence politics go ahead and skip the rest, but I wanted to include the text from my flier from meet the candidate night just incase anyone is interested in my positions or qualifications.

I AM A YOUNG, CLEAR THINKER. I see Providence as a thriving community. I love Providence. I would like to see Providence continue to be charming and beautiful. Providence is a great place to live. I believe in responsible, well-planned development.
I AM NON-BIASED. I will look at each issue as it arises and vote in a manner that I believe will meet the best interest of the common good. I am willing to listen to both sides of every issue. I am not running with a personal agenda.
I AM AVALIABLE. I am a full-time homemaker. Without a day job I am available to take calls, study issues and to be involved in the community.
I AM A CHRISTIAN. I live by a high set of moral standards. I will vote with integrity. I believe in following and keeping the law.
I AM A MOM. I have an invested interest in making Providence a safe, healthy environment for the children and for all of us. I will vote in the best interest of children and families.

Interesting Facts about CARRIE KIRK:
My husband, Josh, and I have made Providence our home for the past four years. We have been married for seven years, and I am the 32-year-old mother of three: Caleb, 5, is in kindergarten at Providence Elementary, Caroline, 3; and Andrew, 1.
I have a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology from Utah State University, and a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education also from USU.
Before becoming a mother I taught Junior High in Preston and also worked for USU training substitute teachers all over the country on classroom management and teaching strategies.
My husband and I are entrepreneurs at heart. Together we have started several businesses including a Mortgage Offi ce (Investment Lending), a Graphic Design Business (Evidence Media), among others.
I was born and raised on a Dairy Farm in Preston, Idaho, where I gained a strong work ethic.
I served a Russian-speaking, 18-month mission to the Baltics serving in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.
I love tropical vacations, reading, eating out, and sleeping when occasion permits.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Officially announcing . . .

Number four is in his or her way. I am 11 weeks pregnant (well, I will be tomorrow) and it is time for me to let everyone know. Being pregnant is such a crazy thing for me. I look forward to it, I plan for it, and then when it happens I feel like I would rather be dead. It has taken three prior pregnancies for me to figure a few things out.

I have always thought that if I didn’t put make-up on, get dressed, and go on at least one outing every day I would get totally depressed. FINALLY I have learned that throwing up without make-up on makes the whole process much less frustrating. My friends don’t care if I am wearing make-up and I am more confident if I don’t have black all over my face. There is no point in getting dressed in anything that I would not wear as pajamas if I am going to spend all day on the couch anyway. And outings only make me sicker so why bother. So this pregnancy I have only put make-up on a handful of times, and I only get dressed and go out when I have to. I have found that I am throwing up much less as a result. Just as an example, I have had one full day in the last month. I went to Caleb’s Kindergarten orientation in the morning, met some friends for lunch in the afternoon, and went on a date that evening. After my big day I threw-up five times in the night and 6-8 times the next day. Even with medication it took me 4-5 days to recover. Why do that to myself!? So I have basically turned into a couch dwelling hermit, and the amazing thing is that I don’t mind. Of course I would like it if the house was clean, but oh well.

Like my other pregnancies I am taking Zofran and it really is the miracle drug for me. With my new lifestyle and steady Zofran I am really doing better this pregnancy than I have before with keeping food down. (This is the first pregnancy that I haven’t felt like I needed to go in to hydrate with and IV.) Even though I haven’t been as sick this pregnancy I have been really tired. (Is that because I am getting old?) I am so thankful to know that this feeling doesn’t last forever. I am really looking forward to getting some more energy in a month or two. I am thankful I can stay on Zofran through the end and that it is no longer the $45 a pill that it was with Caleb and Cara.

We are really looking forward to having this baby. It will not be our last, but I felt a great sense of urgency with this one. I know that this spirit is very anxious to come to earth and to our family. There will be about 18 months between this one and Andy, but the timing has been awesome. Andy is not yet mobile so I watch him roll around from the couch, and Caleb and Cara are great about taking care of themselves. I have to constantly remind myself this is what I want. It really is!