Friday, September 25, 2009

The stats are in

Andy turned one on the 23rd. Once again I wonder how time could go so fast. Andy has been such a joy for our family. I think I have taken more time to enjoy him than my other kids. Being sick the past few months I have laid on the couch, and he has been my entertainment. I have watch him go from rolling to get where he wanted, to learning to sit himself up, and just two weeks before he turned one he finally began to crawl. He has such an easygoing personality. He is just happy waiting for his brother or sister to get him something to play with. Caleb and Cara love him so much. They would do anything for him.

Today was his one-year well child visit. He weighed in at 24 lb. 9 oz putting him in the 75% for weight. His height was 31 inches putting him in the 85%. He is healthy happy and strong.

My family stepped up to the plate to give him a happy birthday party. It is fun to watch him with his cousin Daniel who is four months younger than Andy.

Grandma Iva provided a really fun ball toy

and of course a chocolate zucchini cake.

This picture was just as he burned his finger on the candle. (Note to self, blow the candle out right away.)


The Ravsten's said...

Happy Birthday Andy! Kedzie burned her finger too when she turned one. It's all just so new and exciting! I also can't believe how much Daniel looks like Cody did as a baby in that picture. Wow! They grow so quickly. Hope you are feeling a little better. Love ya. Em:)

Iva said...

Andy just looks like Andy even as a yearling. LUV YA' DAD

Karlenn said...

Oh my gosh, those ball toys are total baby/toddler pleasers. I have a friend who has one, and all of my kids have loved it. I really need to get one of those. What a sweet, cute little baby Andy is.

Jill said...

What a cute little boy. You probably feel horrible about his burnt little finger. I know the feeling all to well. When the twins turned one I placed their cupcakes with candle aflame and stepped back to get out the picture when the both reached forward to touch their flames and both got burned. It was a sad moment on a happy day! We were glad they made it to one! Congrats on the pregnancy and I hope those pears and cottage cheese are something you can eat after pregnancy too--if it isn't worn out. Try peaches and cottage cheese it is equally delicious!