Monday, November 24, 2008

Andy's Baby Pictures

I finally got professional pictures taken of Andy. He was eight weeks when I got them taken. He is such a sweet baby. He started smiling at six weeks and has become a real pro at it. He has been sleeping 6-7 hours at night sense he turned six weeks as well. He loves to eat and is getting some serious fat roles. His cheeks are especially kissable. He needs to be burped many times a feeding, and he makes his brother very proud as his burps are extremely impressive.


I have been stewing for the past couple of months about how to get Caleb to pitch in a little better and to restrict his computer and video game time as well as the time he spends watching movies. He can be such a stinker about helping around the house or even doing what he is told. I have come up with a system that we have been using for about three weeks now, and it is going awesome so I thought I would share. He can choose whatever "chores" or responsibilities he wants to do. For example, in the morning I ask if he wants to make his bed or if he wants me to. If he does it he gets a bead if I do it he does not. I divvy out beads once a day in the afternoon for the past 24 hours or so. I was going to use the system for Cara too, but she doesn't need the structure as much as Caleb does and she doesn't seem to get it. Following is the list of ways that he can earn beads:

Dry Under-Ware
Dressed by Self (Happily)
Make Bed
Fix Hair without Crying (Cara)
Brush Teeth

Set Table
Eat all food on Plate
Brush Teeth
Reverent during Scripture Study and Prayers
Stay in Bed

Any Time Chores:
Get mail
Pick up Toys
Vacuum Stairs
Clear the Table
Empty Dishwasher
Put folded cloths away (Monday)
Take out Garbage (Tuesday)

Reading Lesson
Practice Writing (1 Page = 1 bead)
Practice Piano (ten minutes = 1 bead)

I especially encourage the enrichment activities. He is making great progress learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the piano. Of course I have to sit right by him and help him to practice, but I found a good Preschool Piano curricumim online called Piano for Preschoolers. For his reading lesson I am using the book Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It isn't so easy, but I would recommend the book if you are wondering where to get started teaching your preschooler to read.

In exchange for beads Caleb gets privileges. Following are a list of rewards he can earn:

15 minutes of TV = one bead
1 Movie = 5 beads
15 minutes of Video or Computer Games = one bead
Invite Friend Over/Go to Friends = 5 beads
$1 = 10 beads

This system is helping me to be a more accountable mom and him to be a more productive kid. It is great!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Andy's Blessing

Today Andy was blessed by his dad. It was a wonderful day filled with the spirit, family and food. Thanks to our families for their love and support.

Andy is such a fun happy baby. He is getting very close to smiling. He is not quite getting the curve of his lips, but he opens his mouth and smiles with his eyes. It is becoming easier for me to be a happy mommy too as he has slept seven hours each of the last two nights. He will be six weeks on Tuesday yet it feels like he has been a part of our family forever.

This is what happens when two year olds are left unattended. It was "the other event" of the day. Cara and her friend Dawson decided to clean out Caleb's closet. I didn't think it was a very full closet until I saw the entire contents laying on the floor. Cara even crawled across the very top shelf and pushed every last thing off. They were so thorough with the room that they even took off the mobil from Andy's crib. They left no item unturned.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from:

A Chilln' Cheetah



Thanks to my mom for all of her work on the kids costumes. Caleb was Batman for the past two weeks. Grandma Iva made his costume, and he practically had it warn out by Halloween. He went to the preschool parade in his Batman costume and then when Grandma came to try the robin costume on him he decided to switch it up and spend the rest of the day as Robin.

Thanks to Connie for coming to get Cinderella ready for the ball. Connie always does such a great job with Cara's hair, and it makes Cara feel so special.

We did carve pumpkins, go to the pumpkin walk and all of that other Halloween junk, but the pictures are all on our phones. I haven't become quite technical enough to know how to get them off, but it has been a great month with the beautiful weather!