Monday, September 28, 2015


I'm thinking the only way I am going to get caught up blogging is by posting pictures and maybe adding explanation later.  I thought things would slow down when school started, but I feel that I have been busier than ever!  We kept summer going with a fun trip to Island Park and Yellowstone for Memorial Weekend.  We were invited to join my college roommate, Andrea, and her family at their family Trabin (trailer/cabin).  We had a great time!!

On the way there we stopped at the Rexberg temple.  We played a few games on the temple grounds making it one of the best things of the trip, according to the kids.  It was a good reminder to me that it isn't about how exotic of a place we visit or how far we travel, but it is really ALL about the time spent together playing as a family!!

The kids loved Yellowstone more than I would have imagined! It was a little cold, but so beautiful. Like no where else on earth!

One of the funnest moments was having a bunch of buffalo cross the road right in front of our car.  It felt like there were nearly a hundred in the herd and there was a purring sound the herd made all together.  It was so fun to witness.

Old Faithfull was not quite as exciting.  It was really cold, but it is always fun to see the classics.

And this is what you do at Yellowstone when you are three!

Andrea has three daughters.  Ali was quick friends with Jane as they are both kindergarteners.  They were so cute together.

It was a fantastic opportunity to spend time with old friends and enjoy the beauty of the earth!!