Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Animal Days

I have never taken my kids to Baby Animal Days because I was afraid of the crowds, but this year we decided to brave it. It was AWESOME! Thankfully my sister Connie came and helped with the kids. We were there from 10 to 3:30 and without her help I may have only made it for an hour. She carried Andy on her back the entire time. He was quite content chewing on his back pack and even anchored his head with his jaws to take a nap.

There were so many awesome things to do, hold, and see. It was tough for me to narrow the pictures down to just these. I was totally impressed. I was grateful for the advice to start with the pony rides before the line got too long, and other than that the crowd wasn't a problem. We didn't even have to wait to see the Easter Bunny. (Getting there at 10:00 is the only way to do it.)

Of course it was fun for the kids to see, hold, and pet ducks,

chicks, bunnies,

calves, colts, donkeys,

piglets, kids, lambs,

puppies, and even snakes and turtles.

They participated in the little rodeo that was held each hour. Caleb and Cara both did the Goat Chase. They had to run across the arina and pull the ribbon off of the goats tail. It was fun to watch. Caleb didn't hesatate one bit which I was glad to see because he can be really shy about performing like that. The Goat quit running after the first few kids, but it would switch its tail really fast.

Notice the clown showing that Cara was almost through the gate.

The kids got to practice their roping skills,

and even throw a tomahawk. It made me nervous to watch, but the kids enjoyed it. (You can see Caleb's flying through the air.)

There were a couple of things that really impressed me. First, they had a running Model-T car that they let the kids get in and explore. It is not everyday that people get to "touch" history.

The other thing that blew me away is the size of Oxen. I always thought of them as being "really strong cows" I had no idea how HUGE they are. The picture doesn't do justice to their size, but it was fun for me to see the oxen sense they are so much a part of our pioneer history.

All in all, I think I will join the throngs of people who have the annual tradition of going to Baby Animal Days. I was totally impressed!