Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stayn’ Alive

As if Halloween isn’t crazy enough, the elementary kids get to dress up for Red Ribbon week every day the week of Halloween.  Here is a sampling of crazy hair day.

Johnny kept telling me “we need to get ready for Halloween!” I finally figured out that what he felt we needed to do was carve pumpkins.  Lucky for him Cara was willing to comply and do the work!

Josh and I had fun dressing as hippies.  My kids hadn’t seen my outfit when I volunteered at the school for the class parties.  I think some of the kids in Andy’s class recognized me before he did. 

Caleb had planned his costume in anticipation of going out to scare people, but to avoid that I allowed him one more year of trick-or-treating.  He would be stealing everyone else’s candy if he didn’t have his own.

Cara loved helping her school class with the Haunted House for the school carnival.  I’ll admit that I was really impressed with the work they did. She is sure growing up!

Andy almost wore his costume out before Halloween.  There were many opportunities to dress up before the big day. 

Ali was a “dark bride” although she didn’t like wearing the vale, but I was just happy that she was happy. 

Johnny was really excited about being a dragon, and I was glad that he was happy with a costume we had on hand.  I love the increased independence my kids are experiencing.  It is fun to enjoy life with them!!