Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Caleb!

Caleb had a great birthday! It was a party all day long. He was lucky enough to have his friends and cousins here all day and then loving visitors all evening. The day started with him yelling from his bed "mom come get me up." He couldn't stop talking and he just wanted to know when his birthday "starts." I tried to explain that it was all day, but he needed a starting point. Thanks to everyone who made it a great day!

Caleb's Birthday

Friday, February 8, 2008

Making the most of all this snow!

Last weekend we had a wonderful time snowmobiling with my family. The kids loved it! They didn't care how cold they got. They just loved bouncing around on the snow. It is hard to see who is who because they also insisted on wearing their goggles. Who can blame them?


The snow is now officially above the fence at my parent's house. I can't remember there ever being this much snow. I berried a snowmobile up the canyon while riding with Cara and Colter. Cathie was with me and she had Caleb. She took all three kids home and picked up some muscles, Cody, to come and rescue me. The pictures don't give justice to how much show there really is.


While I waited to be rescued I came across this beautiful tree. I am sure there are many object lessons that could be taken from the way that it has held onto its beautiful fall leaves. Mostly I was just awestruck with the beauty.

Tree Caleb

When the kids weren't on the snowmobile they were on the sled taking advantage of grandpa who would pull them up the hill to sled down.