Sunday, August 18, 2013

Other Summer Happenings

School starts this week.  I know I am supposed to be sad that the summer bliss of togetherness is over, but honestly, I'm tired.  I'm ready for a routine and as funny as it may sound, it will be so much easier with just three kids at home. 

We have had some picture worthy moments this summer that I thought I'd take a moment to share.  Our ward has some fantastic scout leaders.  For the Fourth of July they retired some flags.  I've never seen that before.  I am so grateful to be a citizen of this blessed country. 

As always we helped the Kirks with their Navaho Taco stand on the 24th of July.  My kids and I love the part of the tradition where we eat lot's of scones!

My mom introduced Caleb to BB Guns this summer.  He has had fun shooting and Cara and Andy have gotten into the action too.  We don't let any of them shoot unsupervised.  One of the first times Caleb was out he forgot to put the safety on and skimmed his leg with a BB.  Later he found the BB in his shoe.  He wonders why we don't really trust him with guns.  It is a little scary, but it has also been fun.

We took the kids miniature golfing while we had my niece Kate (Christies daughter) for three days.  Cara was a perfect little mom to Kate.  I just love when Caleb and Cara pitch in and really help.

Caleb got to drive a 4-wheeler at the Owen Family Party.  He was so excited and nervous since the last time he drove one was at the last Owen party about three years ago and he ended up with stitches.  He is growing up. 

This picture shows Ali's green smoothie mustache.  We have become converted to green smoothies this summer after a friend insisted we read the book "Green For Life."  It was extremely convincing about the nutritional value of green smoothies and the wonderful health benefits for adding them to your diet.  If you're looking to get healthier I highly recommend the book - and green smoothies!


This summer could be summed up with one word . . . swimming.  It has been a swimming summer!

The kids have had weekly private swimming lessons, and they have made amazing progress.  Especially Andy and Ali have become quite the swimmers.  Ali loves it and has NO FEAR.  She insists on having her goggles that are always half full of water, but she loves the water!

Partly swimming has been my default activity because we got a membership at the Sports Academy, and I can leave John at the Kids Club while the rest of us swim (or while the kids swim and I read a book.)  John does enjoy the water too though!

I keep thinking that or family is old enough for us to get a boat.  We did go out once this summer and loved it.  I could totally rationalize the expense of family time out on the lake, but Josh is the responsible one in this case and keeps putting the brakes on.

Cara and Isaac loved the crazy, wild rides.  Their smiles were just as big each time they got thrown out of the tube.

We had the Owen family party at my Aunt Anna's "Red Neck Resort."  They had a red-neck pool and a red-neck water slide.  Both were amazingly fun.  The kids loved the kayak's.

We really enjoyed being with my dad's family, but it was a bitter, sweet experience being there without dad.  This is my cousin Todd diving off of the 10 foot platform into the "pool"aka irrigation pond.

These silhouette pictures were fun to take.  This is Josh and Justin contemplating their double cannon ball jump.

The muddy baby is proof that we were perfect for the red-neck experience.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rodeo Weekend

It was fun to honor dad over Preston Rodeo Weekend.  The Rodeo was one of his favorite events of the year.  We debated going or not but decided that going was a way of keeping his legacy.  Cathie even came from Alaska with three of her little ones to celebrate and enjoy.  

It was so special and touched each of our hearts when the announcer mentioned Neil Owen's empty seat in section D.  It was nice to remember him and enjoy the rodeo with the kids.