Monday, June 16, 2014

My Baby is TWO!

On June 4th we celebrated John's second birthday.  It is crazy to me how big he is getting.  I sure love this boy.  He can be a hand full exploring, making messes, and trying to keep up with the big kids.  On the other hand, he is sweet, he loves to give hugs and snuggle.  He makes me laugh when he ttys to kiss me and won't give up until I let him, dirty face and all.  He is a real trooper.  He loves going from place to place with his family.  His biggest quark is his desire to EAT ALL DAY.  Seriously, I feel like it is a full time job feeding this boy!

Better than a Bubble Bath

What could be better than a bubble bath? A giant slip and a bubble machine to celebrate the end of school.  

The last week of school was very full with parties and celebrations.  We are lucky enough to live near friends that knows how to make things FUN!

Caleb ended the school year of studying Utah history with a "Utah" themed program.  He is wearing black and holding the mic in this pictures.  He did a great job.  We are so happy with the positive changes Caleb has made this year. 

In an effort to make safety a priority this summer here is Ali sporting her new bike helmet.  I guess we'd better teach her how to wear it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Preschool Graduation, Check! Check!

Two preschoolers, equals two preschool graduations.  Andy's was first.  We experienced a big preschool splurge this year sending Andy to the Sports Academy.  We chose to send him to this preschool because three other boys his age in the neighborhood were going there and because it was his third year of preschool, having a September birthday.  It was a great experience for him.  He had two hours of "school" and then one hour of another activity three times a week.  The other activities were swimming lessons, tumbling lessons, and a movement class.  His good friend Dylan was in his class. 

They were crayons (not dunce caps.)

These are the four neighborhood friends Hayden, Dylan, Andy and G.

I did Joy School this year with Ali.  It was one of the best years yet.  There were five adorable neighbor kids and four of the five live within five houses of us.   There was almost no driving required, a big plus for me. They were cute little singers for their Graduation Celebration. This is Ali and her new BFF, Taya.

We gave them all mustache's at the end.  Aren't they mature? Charles, Jenston, Ali, Taya and Devyn.