Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Today we learned that we are having a BOY!  We are very excited.  We had no preference, but there are defiantly advantages.  One advantage to having a boy in the fall is that will make him one of the older kids in school, which should give him a good advantage (something girls don’t usually need as much).  I also think that it is great for boys to get on their missions before starting college.  Cara won’t notice or care much at this point, but Caleb is really excited about having a brother.  He measures in the 90th percentile for his due date, but the doctor didn’t change the date.  Caleb has been totally off the charts for height most of his life so we just might have another big boy.


The main disadvantage of having a boy is that Josh and I don’t have a name we agree on.  (There are a couple of girl names we both like.)  I would like to name him Andrew (Andy) or Benjamin (Ben or Benji), Andrew being a family name and Benjamin being from the Book of Mormon.  I have also considered Paul from the Bible.  I guess I need to look at some family history and see what else I can come up with.  Josh thinks those names are too boring.  I remind him that he didn’t like the name Caleb until I had been calling him that for about a month.  It had to grow on him.  Any ideas?