Friday, December 14, 2012

The MAGIC of Christmas

I've always believed in Santa and in magic, but nothing makes me believe more than watching the excitement of my kids at Christmas time.  I must admit that it feels a little wrong to celebrate Christmas without my dad around and with my mom in such a sad state.  In an attempt to keep my spirits up I have started some new traditions this year that are blog worthy.  The first and best, one that I recommend to every parent, is the Elf on the Shelf.  This is our Elf Ruby.  She watches the kids during the day and then she reports to Santa at night.  She comes back in a different place each morning.  The excitement of waking up to see where Ruby is has not gotten old.  Cara talks to her, and Caleb and his friends have written a few letters.

Yesterday started the 12 days of Christmas.  I have tried a few different versions of this in the past, but I am really excited about what we are doing this year.  Each package has some kind of Christmas activity.  They are mostly things that we would be doing anyway. For example, Saturdays bag has all of our Christmas cards and we are going to work together to stuff and label them while listening to Christmas music and eating a christmas treat.  Another bag has gifts for the neighbors that we will package and deliver on that day.  I love the idea because it isn't adding significantly to my Christmas work load, but engaging the kids in helping by making it a game.  It also forced me to plan and schedule all of the remaining Christmas projects so we can get them done.  Each day also has a scripture and a song to help turn our minds to the Savior.

I was really busy in November sharing essential oils and wellness products.  This picture is two of my good oil friends Deonne and Caroline at a holiday gift show that we participated in.

It has been a year and a half since I was first introduced to Essential Oils. It has been a wonderful journey and they become a significant part of my life.  

Somehow in the craziness of the last 6 weeks Ali got potty trained.  She changes her pants and under-ware every time she goes, but other than is doing pretty good.  There are just two things that I hate about potty training, #1 and #2.  Just glad that is over!

This picture is an example of what happens if I don't give my kids enough attention!  Note to self, don't ignore the kids or you will pay for it.

Speaking of which, Johnny is in the phase where he needs to get moving.  He is no longer happy laying around.  He just started reaching, but he wants me to entertain him.  Not my style.  Good thing he is cute as can be!