Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from:

A Chilln' Cheetah



Thanks to my mom for all of her work on the kids costumes. Caleb was Batman for the past two weeks. Grandma Iva made his costume, and he practically had it warn out by Halloween. He went to the preschool parade in his Batman costume and then when Grandma came to try the robin costume on him he decided to switch it up and spend the rest of the day as Robin.

Thanks to Connie for coming to get Cinderella ready for the ball. Connie always does such a great job with Cara's hair, and it makes Cara feel so special.

We did carve pumpkins, go to the pumpkin walk and all of that other Halloween junk, but the pictures are all on our phones. I haven't become quite technical enough to know how to get them off, but it has been a great month with the beautiful weather!


The Ravsten's said...

Cara is the mini-Cinderella look alike...that's for sure. How fun! I loved halloween this year. It looks like you did too. Hope everything is going well. Love ya.

Karlenn said...

You're one-up on me - I don't even know how to work my camera on my phone! Hahaha! Cute costumes. It's so great to have the help of family.

Cathie said...

And thanks to Cathie for making (or buying - same thing) the cute little Cheetah outfit.