Sunday, October 12, 2008


At only two weeks Caleb and Andy are dear brothers. We had only been home for a day when Andy was being fussy. Caleb insisted on holding him after Josh and I had tried our best to calm him. Caleb took him and Andy instantly calmed. I guess he just needed his brother.

Caleb does lots of bragging that he has a little brother. He spends time admiring him and wants to hold him whenever the chance arrises. The other day he told me that when Andy gets a little bigger he wont need to have friends over to play with any more because he will be able to play with his brother.

I was concerned that Caleb would be disappointed in having a "newborn" brother. He had such high expectations, but he seems to be totally satisfied with this little package he calls his brother.


The Ravsten's said...

What a wonderful big brother! I'm so happy for Caleb. That is rather amazing. I hope things are going well. Love you tons.

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Why is that the cutest thing I have ever heard!? Really...that is awesome. What an awesome big brother. There is just something about that bond that I TOTALLY don't get! You know...being a girl and all.

Cathie said...

Cute, cute, cute. I am so glad that Caleb loves him. The pictures are DARLING, please keep sending them...I want to watch my nephews and neice grow. I am glad you can enjoy eating again!

Karlenn said...

Oh, Andy is so roly-poly and cuter than crap!! And I love how attentive Caleb is. I wish Dylan and Sadie are like that. They're so self-absorbed that they don't even know Micah exists. Sigh.