Monday, September 7, 2009

Call Me Crazy . . .

I am running for Providence City Council. I am really quite excited about it. I am trying not to get too attached to the idea until after primaries next Tuesday where three of the seven candidates will be eliminated, but I think it is a position I would really enjoy. The most important thing for making it through primaries will be for the people who know me to make an extra effort to get out and vote and to help me spread the word that I would be a good choice. I am the only one of the seven that is not a retiree. I think that being in my 30's I represent a large portion of the population of Providence that is not often represented in City Politics. I was intimidated by the experience of the other candidates, but after meet the candidate night last week I really feel like I have a decent chance of getting on the council if I can get through primaries. It will be fun to give it a shot.

My family gives me a hard time for putting too much text on my blog so if you aren't into Providence politics go ahead and skip the rest, but I wanted to include the text from my flier from meet the candidate night just incase anyone is interested in my positions or qualifications.

I AM A YOUNG, CLEAR THINKER. I see Providence as a thriving community. I love Providence. I would like to see Providence continue to be charming and beautiful. Providence is a great place to live. I believe in responsible, well-planned development.
I AM NON-BIASED. I will look at each issue as it arises and vote in a manner that I believe will meet the best interest of the common good. I am willing to listen to both sides of every issue. I am not running with a personal agenda.
I AM AVALIABLE. I am a full-time homemaker. Without a day job I am available to take calls, study issues and to be involved in the community.
I AM A CHRISTIAN. I live by a high set of moral standards. I will vote with integrity. I believe in following and keeping the law.
I AM A MOM. I have an invested interest in making Providence a safe, healthy environment for the children and for all of us. I will vote in the best interest of children and families.

Interesting Facts about CARRIE KIRK:
My husband, Josh, and I have made Providence our home for the past four years. We have been married for seven years, and I am the 32-year-old mother of three: Caleb, 5, is in kindergarten at Providence Elementary, Caroline, 3; and Andrew, 1.
I have a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology from Utah State University, and a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education also from USU.
Before becoming a mother I taught Junior High in Preston and also worked for USU training substitute teachers all over the country on classroom management and teaching strategies.
My husband and I are entrepreneurs at heart. Together we have started several businesses including a Mortgage Offi ce (Investment Lending), a Graphic Design Business (Evidence Media), among others.
I was born and raised on a Dairy Farm in Preston, Idaho, where I gained a strong work ethic.
I served a Russian-speaking, 18-month mission to the Baltics serving in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.
I love tropical vacations, reading, eating out, and sleeping when occasion permits.


Erica said...

I am SOOOOO hoping you make it. I just think it is a perfect fit. I think you would do a great job, and you would love it. I am definitely voting for you, and I'll work on getting you as many votes as I can! Good luck!

Karlenn said...

Care, you are a. ma.zing. And so ambitious. I have never met such a go-getter. Good luck!!!

Sara said...

carrie i love your bio, you touched on everything important and if i lived in providence i'd rally up the troops and vote for ya... good luck!:)

Cathie said...

I think it is great! I wish I could are the clearest thinking I know - hence my phone calls quite often.