Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Random Thoughts by Caleb

I don't record the funny things my kids say often enough. Following are three things I have put on FaceBook at the end of last year. The others are just Caleb's random thoughts recently.

Is it a bad thing when your five year old says, "Is dad coming to visit tonight?" (November 13)

Today Caleb was telling us that there will be five kids in our family once the baby comes. Josh reminded Caleb that he isn't one of the kids. Caleb's reply was "oh yah" hence the miss count. (November 14)

Caleb refused to leave the classroom when he was called out for his H1N1 shot today. He came home bragging that he "didn't have to go." He was 100% sure he had outsmarted the system. He wasn't very happy when I took him right back down to the school, lying that we weren't going to get a shot the whole way. When he learned the shot was coming he ran for the door. It took four people to hold him down while the shot was given. (November 24)

For Christmas Caleb really wanted a kitty. (I am not a fan of stinky, hairy pets or really pets in general.) When I asked him what he asked Santa for he smiled and said, "You'll see" with a mischievous nod and smile.

Caleb is about to loose a fingernail. (He will probably loose another one in a month or two.) His fingers got slammed in the truck door after his Christmas program. Anyway, he has been hitting me up on a regular basis wondering if there is a "fingernail fairy" that can come and give him some money when he looses his nail.

Caleb's birthday is coming up and he has a doghouse set up under his bed with a spot for everything. He has a water dish, a food dish, a place for the puppy to go poo, a pillow, and he even has a face drawn on a long skinny piece of cardboard for the puppy to play with. He has been driving me crazy with his requests for a puppy and I am VERY CLEAR about saying no. He just keeps hoping saying, "maybe someone will surprise me." He has hit up both of my sisters who have dogs for one of their puppies. Connie told him he could have one if he has $150 to buy it. NO THANKS!


Karlenn said...

What a mischievous little stinker! He reminds me of my Dylan.

Hilary said...

I'm with you on the no pets policy. Get him a stuffed animal dog. Stuffed pets really are the best pets if you ask me. :)