Thursday, January 21, 2010

Recovering from Caleb Trauma

So after just five days of being on a behavior plan at school Caleb is "off." His teacher says that he is doing great, and that maybe all we needed to do is to raise his level of awareness. He seems to be doing better at home too. Also, his teacher informed me today that he doesn't qualify for the reading intervention program. Somehow I just didn't think he would, but it sure stressed me out. I really appreciate your ideas and support. It is nice to have a caring network of smart people out there.

So on with other issues. Andy still isn't walking. I don't think he has a physical delay because he is cruising and taking a few steps when really encouraged. I think he is just scared. The problem is that I hope to have a baby in about seven weeks. Andy will be 16 months this weekend. Don't you think it is time for him to get going. An 18 month space between kids seems reasonable, but having two that don't walk is a problem.

Lest I leave out Cara and let you all think she is perfect I have to mention something that Cara does that makes me look like I haven't taught her to pray. She has been praying by herself on at least a daily basis for months now, but she ALWAYS starts the prayer with "Jesus Father" and ends it with "Jesus Father". I ALWAYS correct her and I have from the start, but for some reason I can not get into her little head that we start by saying "Heavenly Father" and end with "Jesus Christ." I guess they really are one to her. You all have such great ideas maybe you have an idea for this little problem.


Karlenn said...

Oh, girl, if Cara's worst problem is mixing up names while praying by herself every day, you are doing a REALLY GOOD JOB. :) I'm sorry Andy isn't walking. My youngest two were extremely slow walkers. They just didn't wanna. Every kid is so different - it amazes me. Dylan was early everything - walking, talking, etc. Sadie and Micah have been reluctant to grow up and be big kids. I hope Andy will be up and at 'em soon. Sadie didn't walk until 18 months. It drove me nuts.

Cathie said...

Carrie I am smiling right now! I am not happy for your troubles - truly, not at all. It's just that I know your kids and it is so THEM! Caleb is SO strong willed - I can't believe he got a 0 just because he wouldn't do it! Andy is strait from heaven and it is a little funny that he is scared! SO CUTE! (However picturing you trying to lug two babies does make me feel for you!) You did a poor job of making Cara look like she has trouble! I love you!

Kathy Schroder's Sass said...

Hey I didn't walk until I was 17 months old and my parents thought I was retarded. I still might be?? Ya, that probably didn't make you feel any better. Don't stress baby, it'll happen.

Jordan and Jodi said...

7 weeks? Wow--you're almost done! I'm sorry for all your troubles but here's a little thought/memory for you....last night we had the missionaries over for dinner and after they left my husband and I talked more about our missions---our teachers and MTC most specifically! Then I remembered the first few days in our morning class with Sister Brown (??) and she said something to us and you just smiled and said, "I know you are talking but what are you saying?" Remember she had a STRONG accent and she was probably speaking Russian! You put your hands in the air and with that same smile on your face you started to cry. Man, those were the days--we didn't think things could get harder than that! Chin up! Thanks for the fun memory last night! :) Miss you.