Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sunshine Singers

The last two weeks of June two of my talented friends provided a musical theater camp in the neighborhood.  My kids were lucky enough to participate.  They had a fantastic time, even Caleb was excited to go every day and loved performing.  The theme of the program was "The Wonderful World of Disney."  It was impressive!
(Caleb top center, Cara second row left, Andy second row right)

The boys treated us to "I won't grow up" from Peter Pan.
Andy spend two weeks chanting the words "I won't grow up . . . I don't want to grow up."
They were so cute.  
(Caleb is the tall one, Andy is far right)

The girls sang an adorable song from Tangled. 
Cara loves singing the songs from the camp.  It drives Caleb crazy. 
(Cara front and center.)

Caleb even sang a little solo.  It makes me happy that he enjoys music and not just sports. 

Ali likes going to events and watching the kids.
She is the singer and dancer of the family though.
She sings ALL THE TIME and she DANCES allot.

It was a fantastic experience.  
I feel blessed that my children get to participate in such great programs. 

I am glad that Cara (my girl) got the short genes in the family.  Check out the sizes in this picture.  Caleb is just 2 years older than Cara and Andy is 2.5 years younger than Cara.  Currently Cara and Andy wear the same size shoe.  At age three Andy has almost caught up with his six year old sister.  She is my little munchkin.  I'm afraid that Ali might have the tall gene though. 

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Iva Owen said...

You can sure tell these are Josh and Carrie's kids, music and Disney.