Monday, March 10, 2014

How to milk a birthday

Caleb should give lessons on how to get the most out of a birthday.  He has a way of starting the celebrations early and making them last.  He turned 10 this year and celebrated like a champ!

The celebrations started with a night out to dinner, the night before, to Hu Hot, with is favorite family of boys, the Lows.  We used to think going out to dinner with the kids was crazy.  Now will 11 children between the two families we get the party room and we are a party!  The kids were so good though making it doable.

School was out on Caleb's birthday so we went skiing for the day.  Josh's knee has been hurting so I took Caleb, Isaac, and Cara.  The weather and the snow were beautiful.  The boys, especially Caleb, improved so much.  Cara was scared and struggled, but she was still trying to convince me to buy her a season pass for next year on the drive home.

We've settled into the every other year birthday party routine.  Caleb had a "late night" with his friends.  They mostly played football in the basement although we had a move and games available.  They had pizza and candy.  I love the late night concept (no slumber parties) and it was so much easier for me than a theme party.  Maybe I'm getting old and tired, but we were all perfectly happy having the boys choose their own adventure.

I was amazed at the generous birthday gifts.  Caleb associates with wonderful boys and I am grateful he has friends to bless his life!

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