Sunday, March 9, 2014

What the . . .

As a mom there are a lot of moments when I wonder, "what the . . . "  (I don't fill it in with a swear word.  I mostly just think "what the.")  Here are just a few from the last few weeks that I've captured.

I've heard of children using stamps as stickers, but until now I hand't experienced it.  Ali not only stuck them on her toys but she tore them to fit.  I still have partial stamps saved wondering where the rest could possibly be.

Yes, I walked into the bathroom the other day and John was soaking his feet, shoes and socks on.  He had figured out it wasn't a good idea, but appeared stuck.  Luckily he chose a toilet that was flushed.  You never know with five kids around.

Ali turned herself into some kind of Q-tip creature.

I'll include Caleb's competitive basketball experience in the "what the" category.  He had a wonderful team of boys from fantastic families.  He had a dedicated coach, Dave Low, who had the best interest of the boys in mind.  The "what the" part was the other teams.  To say that Caleb's team was the underdogs would be a huge understatement.  The other teams must be practicing 10 hours a day year around.  I could not believe how fantastic the 4th grade boys were at basketball.  It was very eye opening to me how dedicated people become to one sport very early.  It was a great experience, enough to learn that we will stick to rec basketball and maybe even become more of a skiing family.

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