Thursday, September 22, 2016

Summer Wrap-Up

We were home and without company again in August and went to work with our SOS (Summer Of Service).  We did miss doing a program at the nursing home while we were out of town in June, but we hit the other projects.  We cleaned up Providence Canyon.  I could not believe how much trash was up there.  We went a very small distance and filled the back of our cars and all of our trash bags.  We went to the cemetery and picked up pinecones. Our final project was working in the local garden for refugees.  It was neat to see refugees hanging out and working, and to recognize that there are people with all types of life experiences right here in our little community.

I signed up for a program where the kids could bowl for free this summer (except the $3 each for shoe rental).  I thought I'd probably take them weekly, but we only made it once the entire summer! It was a fun outing, but the kids truly love being at home and playing with their friends!

Quite possibly the biggest highlight to the end of summer was tending our neighbors boxer dog, Gweniver.  We had her for about two weeks, and we all had a fantastic experience.  I'd hear the kids laughing and laughing in the mornings as they played with her.  She thinks of herself as a kid and fit right into the family.  I didn't mind her one bit.  If I knew we could get a perfectly trained and well mannered dog I think I could even talk Josh into it, but for now I'm perfectly happy being Gweny's second family! Gwen was even okay with Cara dressing her up daily. 

We are all supper excited about the new high school opening up just down the street. We toured it and were so impressed with how beautifully it has come together.  It is fun to have everything new and I’m super excited that my kids will never go to school more than a five minute drive from home!

My kids like being home more than anywhere else because when they are home they are constantly playing with their neighborhood friends.  Cara and Korinne are together most waking hours.  Korinne is like my third daughter.  She is over often enough that I have her help with chores.  I like them to play with friends because then the screen time, boredom battle is less intense.  We had fun, but they love their friends. 

Andy and Johnny are the luckiest with a whole posse of boys each of their ages.  Johnny and his friends can’t make good choices to save themselves, but they love each other and it is a rare moment when there is no one to play with.  Andy’s and his friends play sports, constantly.  When the weather is beautiful it is not unheard of for them to play outside all day long!

Cara and Korinne making their own doll cloths by hand.  They actually come up with some good stuff!

 When your mom is on the phone and your friends can't play you have to do something. 

I would love for all of my children to be little musicians.  I wish they ran home from school to practice the piano and their musical instruments.  Needless to say, they don't, but Ali has enjoyed learning the violin and piano this year.  The perfect weather and an outdoor recital made the end of summer recital one of my favorites!

It is always fun to hit a fair or two in the fall.  Ali and Cara are giving the long-horn a little love.

This is what my evenings in August looked like and I loved it! Andy was lucky enough to be chosen to play the center position on the second day of practice.  He has touched the ball on every single offensive game play of the season.  I love his position, but he is dying to do some tackling and hoping to play more defense.

Andy is smiling number 34 hanging out with his team on game day! 

Andy is finding so much joy and confidence in being part of this team. He is a quiet boy, but if anyone ask him about football he all of a sudden has a lot to say.  It is fun to see his passion!

The rest of the family has enjoyed visiting a variety of parks and cheering for Andy on Saturdays.  It is fun to see how proud of Andy Caleb is. 

We have had a nearly perfect summer!!

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