Saturday, September 24, 2016

Carrie's Bucket List

One thing I like to do in the fall is to make lists.  I’ve had fun over the past couple of weeks working on a list of 101 things to do before I die.  I started this list years ago but only got it about ½ of the way done.  This time it was easy for me to come up with 101 things and more.  I believe that this is an evolving list.  Just because it is on my list today doesn’t mean it will be a dream later, but I feel that the biggest problem with people achieving their dreams is that they don’t even know what they want.   Working on this list has prompted me to rethink our family vacations and plans for the next six years.  We only have six more spring breaks until Caleb graduates from high school.  There are so many things on the list that I want to do with my children.  Knowing what I want does help me to focus on achieving it!!

You will notice I’ve included many dreams that I’ve already accomplished.  I've bolded the items I still need to do.  I can’t have a bucket list without acknowledging all of the dreams in my life that have already been achieved. 

1. Get Married in the Temple
2. Have Five Children
3. Live in a nurturing, intimate relationship
4. Serve a full-time mission
5. Help bring someone to Christ through baptism
6. Learn another language
7. Graduate from College
8. Have $10,000/month passive income
9. Sail the virgin islands on a catamaran
10. Raft the Colorado through the Grand Canyon
11. Go to Havasupai
12. Go on a Hawaiian Cruise
13. Go to Samoa, Tonga and Fiji
14. Go to Tahiti
15. Go to the Holy Land (Israel)
16. Take my family to Disney World
17. Go to the Temple with each of my Children
18. Have my children go on missions
19. Travel across the country in an RV
20. Write my own life history
21. Sail in Greece
22. Vacation in Paris
23. Travel in Italy
24. Go to the Miss America Pageant live
25. See Wicked on Broadway
26. Take each of my children on a humanitarian experience
27. Have my boys become eagle scouts
28. Have my girls receive their young womanhood recognition
29. Receive a music (oboe) scholarship
30. Write an article for a magazine
31. Nurse my own baby
32. Have natural child birth
33. Write a book 
34. Create a family recipe book
35. Do temple work for an ancestor I found
36. Teach school
37. Tour the Book of Mormon lands  of Guatemala 
38. Sight see in Alaska
39. Build a new house
40. Participate in a musical
41. Stay at a Disney hotel
42. Be an Academy for Girls Counselor
43. Be an EFY Counselor
44. Be an EFY Speaker
45. Have a season ski pass
46. Ride in a hot air balloon
47. Ride in a helicopter
48. Ski in the Swiss Alps
49. See Mt. Rushmore
50. Go on an airboat ride to spot Alligators
51. Stand at Ground 0 in NYC
52. Go to the Price is Right
53. Drive through Hollywood
54. Stand on the Great Wall of China
55. Buy a brand new car  
56. See a dolphin in the wild
57. See a whale in the wild
58. See a bear in the wild
59. See an alligator in the wild
60. Get a masters degree
61. Invest in Real Estate
62. Go Sky Diving
63. Live in another country
64. Watch an Olympic competition live
65. See the Redwoods
66. Camp on a beach
67. Spend time on the Oregon Coast
68. Sleep in a house boat
69. Teach my children appreciation of music and fine arts
70. Teach my children to cook
71. Plan retreats for women/moms
72. Shake hands with the prophet
73. Hike through a rainforest
74. Teach a college class
75. Own a business
76. Sell a business
77. Go on a family cruise
78. Hold my own grand baby
79. Sing a solo
80. Play the drums in a band
81. Participate in an orchestra
82. Learn the ukulele or guitar
83. Travel in a convertible
84. Participate in the pageant in Nauvoo as a family
85. Take my children to the sacred grove
86. Take my children to the handcart pioneer sites
87. Volunteer in a homeless shelter
88. Take my children to Washington DC
89. Pay off my house
90. Be completely debt free
91. Walk the Streets of London
92. Explore Machu Picchu
93. Have a cleaning lady
94. Stay at an all inclusive resort
95. Stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon
96. Play at a Black Sand Beach
97. Pick wild mangos
98. Hike Angels Landing
99. Influence 1000’s to live a better life
100. Live without regret
101. Make a difference to humanity

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