Saturday, September 24, 2016

Back to School

I’m not the kind of mom that cry’s when school starts.  I LOVE having my kids out learning, growing, making friends, experiencing life and progressing while I put our home back in order. I love to make goals and checklists in the Fall and to catch up on all of the things that I let go by the wayside during the summer. 

It is really amazing that they are growing so quickly!! This year is off to a GREAT start!  My kids each insist that they have the best teachers ever.  I am so grateful that my children attend such amazing schools. I agree!  They really do have fantastic teachers!! 

Caleb, 7th grade

Cara, 5th grade

Andy, 2nd grade

Ali, 1st grade

Johnny USU Lab Preschool or as we call it “Aggie Preschool”

What more could a person turning 39 ask for - than to be surrounded by her beautiful children?  And of course, chocolate zuchinni cake with cream cheese frosting. Growing up my birthday was always the first week of school.  I thought it was such a bummer.  Now having a birthday just after school starts is the best present ever! 

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