Wednesday, September 7, 2016

In the Saddle Again!

It has been almost four years since my dad died, and after letting the kids ride horses for a few minutes at Doug’s this summer, I decided I wanted to get in the saddle again.  I wasn’t scared, I just haven’t had the opportunity.  I called my parent’s friend, Lena, and she hooked us up with horses for everyone.  Of course I got the stubborn one.  He took me for quite a ride.  I wanted to gallop and he didn’t so he decided to get rid of me by suddenly stopping, ducking his head and throwing me off.  Fortunately I was far enough from everyone that they couldn’t see the tears in my eyes as I got back on. It took me a few weeks to recover.  My horse riding days might be over.  It wouldn’t be riding if I didn’t get thrown off!  

The kids liked it, but didn’t love it.  They would get on for a couple of minutes and then want to get off.  Then a few minutes later they’d ask to get back on.  Caleb got his horsemanship merit badge this summer.  That helped his confidence.  After a while Andy was brave enough to go without someone holding the lead rope too.  

Cara and Caleb trying to conquer their fears.

This is the only picture I have that proves Ali even got on.  She did ride though. 

Johnny liked the pony, but her really wanted to get on a full size horse like everyone else. 

Andy took the rains and did his best at riding on his own. 

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