Sunday, September 25, 2016

Andy's Special Birthday

We have had a huge weekend with Andy’s 8th birthday and his baptism.  His birthday happened to fall on a Friday where there was no school.  He had a perfect day!!  He played with friends all morning and then filled the house with boys in the afternoon at his party.  I had hoped to go out to dinner for his birthday, but even going out to Pizza Pie wasn’t more exciting to him than playing with his awesome birthday presents.

We had a Star Wars themed party, but we kept it quite simple with most of the entertainment being building and shooting marshmallow guns.  Caleb put the gun kits together and the boys had a great time making and remaking them in all shapes and forms.  Of course launching mini marshmallows at their friends was fun too! It was a very pleasant afternoon for us all! 

The day after his birthday Andy had the opportunity to be baptized.  It was a stake baptism, but there were only three total children being baptized so it was a small group and a sweet program.  I had the opportunity of speaking on the Holy Ghost.  I’ll attach the short talk at the end of this post just in case anyone else needs a baptism talk idea. Another fun part of the program was that they invited all of the primary age children in the congregation to come up and sing “When I am Baptized.” All of my children, even Caleb, came up and sang.  I loved having them participate.

Dave Low, who is a dear friend, conducted the meeting after Josh baptized Andy. Lonn (Josh’s dad) and Cody (my brother) served as the witnesses.  It is during these special priesthood events that I especially wish my dad was here.  The circle for his confirmation was small with Josh acting as voice and Dave (our friend and bishopric member), Lonn, Cody, Colby (my sisters husband) and Ralph Call (Andy’s primary teacher) standing in the circle.  Josh gave Andy a beautiful blessing.  Most importantly he was confirmed a member of Christ’s true church on the earth.

I always appreciate family who makes the effort to come and support us at special events.  My mom, Josh’s parents, my brother Cody and his wife Stephanie and their two children, my sister Connie her husband Colby and their two children, Josh’s brother Gabe and his wife Alexa and their son, and my Aunt Merle all came to offer their support.

Following Andy’s confirmation his primary teacher Ralph Call gave him a CTR clock he made with Andy’s baptism date on it.  Bro. Call encouraged Andy to remember the covenants he made at baptism for as long as it took for the oak that the clock is made out of to form, which is more than 100 years.  

We had a simple lunch of meatballs and rice following the baptism and about an hour later Andy headed to play a football game in Garland.  It was fun to have Gabe and Lexa join us in cheering him on.  It was one of the most fun games of the year with Andy’s team winning 20 to 18.  There was a cool energy at the game with the boys cheering each other on, knowing the win would make them region champs. 

One of my favorite moments came after the game when Andy’s friend, Henry, came up to him, hit him on the shoulder pads, threw his arms in the air and with his adorable high pitched and very excited voice said, “Andy, how does it feel to be region champs on your baptism day!!”  Of course Andy just smiled. 

Football is fun, but it was so important to me that the significance of the ordinance and covenants Andy made today was not overshadowed.  I know that joining God’s team is the most important team any of us will ever be on!!

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