Saturday, September 21, 2013

We all LOVE John

This picture is a simple illustration of how we all love John.  He was sleeping in the car and Andy was still trying to share his smarties with Johnny.  Yes, that is a smarty stuck between John's lips.  Sharing treats can be hard, but not when it is with your adorable one-year-old brother. 

It is so fun to take John to the park and watch the kids rally around him.  They are so willing to push him on the swing or to play with him.  I guess there is one thing we can all agree on - John is a great part of the family.

Like my other boys John LOVES balls.  He especially likes it when Caleb or Andy play pass with him.  He wants to be one of the big kids as long as he doesn't have to walk.   He is 15.5 months and not even thinking about walking on his own.  He cruises awesome and climbs like a monkey, but letting go of the couch is out of the question.  I know he will get it someday, but for now this lug is braking my back.

I realize that Johnny is one of the easiest one-year-olds around.  He is content sitting in his stroller and eating whenever we go out.  He doesn't run away from me, and he hangs his head when I tell him no.  That said he is still capable of making quite the mess.  Should I worry that he was so pleased to crawl around with girls under-ware on his head?  After cleaning out the girls pajama drawer he moved on to wearing panties.

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