Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aggie Fans

Josh and I are NOT sports junkies, but we are training our kids to be Aggie fans.  We have made a tradition of spending the entire day of homecoming celebrating being an Aggie.

The girls are less interested in the game than the boys are, but they enjoy being a part of the party.  This year the girls spent some time "sleeping" under the bleachers. 

 Of course, John's favorite part was the treats. 
Who could resist posting a picture of those adorable chubby cheeks?

One of my favorite memories of the game this year was watching Ali dance at time out's and other brakes.  She is at such an adorable age!

We did get rained out during the third quarter, but the Aggies were winning by a landslide so going home wasn't that painful. 

We go to a fun luncheon where Big Blue and the cheerleaders come.  
The best part of the lunch is lots of Aggie door prizes.  Go Aggie!