Saturday, September 21, 2013

Back to School

I was so excited for school to start this year!  I was ready to get back into a schedule and get some structure in my life.  I saw Cara literally climbing the walls and I know it was time!

For the last day of summer vacation we had a little celebration and went to my Aunt Anna's redneck park with the Lows.  I loved watching them make trains going down the slide.  Pictured here from oldest to youngest is Caleb, Isaac, Cara, Dawson, Henry, and Andy.  Cute kids!

They were very brave jumping off of the 10 ft. platform.  Andy at age 4 even did it over and over after Caleb pushed him off the first time.  Caleb is pictured jumping. 

On the first day of school we were running late so I didn't get a picture of Caleb (starting 4th Grade) and Cara (starting 2nd Grade).  It is crazy to me how quickly they are growing.  Socially it was really painful for them the first week as they were trying to figure out friends. It is hard to sit back and watch your kids struggle, but they are doing better now.  It didn't take long.

Ali started Joy School (a neighborhood preschool coop) this month.  I taught for the first three times.  The kids are all so cute.  We've never had a group this small, but it was so nice to teach them.  Pictured is Jenston, Ali, Devyn, and Charles on the first day of Joy School.

Only Ali could think that a turtle neck fit her just right around the waist. 

Andy is doing preschool at the Sports Academy this year.  This is the first time I have rationalize the huge expense of this preschool. This is his third year of preschool due to his September birthday so I think it is a good fit for him.  He wore his swim suit to the first day of school because his group had swimming on the first day of school.  He has school for two hours and then his third hour of school he either swims, does tumbling or does other sports.  I think he will enjoy the format at the Sports Academy.  He is pictured here with his good friend G Low.  Most of his neighborhood friends are at the Sports Academy so it will be fun for them all to go to Pre-School together. 

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The Ravsten's said...

I love it all! I love you! I love your kids! I love your photos! All of it! You're doing an awesome job! Carry on. Love you! Em