Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Beaver

The beaver moved in near my parents house sometime after I moved out.  Over the past few years they have made quite a mess of the creek that runs behind my parents house.  It is fun to go and check on the latest damns they have been making.  It is amazing how solid they are.  The kids are pictured here walking across one. Of course Caleb wanted Cara to go first.  It is amazing he was brave enough to be born first.  That must not have been up to him. 

With only one four-wheeler and five kids it can be really crowded getting from place to place.

It has been an extremly dry summer, until the last month or so.  People must be praying and fasting - Cara was excited to show off this amazing mushroom she found. 

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Keith said...

I'm laughing that Caleb had Cara go first! :)