Saturday, March 17, 2012

Crazy for Leprechaun's

My kids are going leprechaun crazy!  Apparently there were leprechauns in the school yesterday that caused all kinds of mischief and did little pranks.  It has Cara and Caleb dreaming green.  Apparently Caleb could see leprechaun tracks with his leprechaun spy glasses, but they "must have disappeared" when Cara got the glasses on. 

Cara wrote a darling note in green inviting any leprechauns into our house.  The note was written phonetically and had no spaces between the words, but I am sure that leprechauns can read kindergarten writing.

Cara also went through our fridge looking for green food to help her lure in a leprechaun and found a green pepper.  At that point Caleb decided to pitch in and decorate the plate in hopes of catching a leprechaun.  We did have a close call.  A leprechaun did come and eat the pepper leaving only a tinny piece and he left a note that said something like "thank me lucky stars."  Cara has the note and the piece of pepper in her backpack to show her class on Monday. We did hear some mysterious door knocking and other sounds, but we never did catch that leprechaun!

This picture of Ali dressed up for St. Patricks Day was just too cute to not include.

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The Ravsten's said...

So fun. My kids were totally into this year too. THose darn school teachers trying to have fun with our kids. I loved it.