Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is it Ali or is it Number 4?

Is Ali often in trouble because she is number 4, and I am not paying enough attention to her, or is it because she is Ali and trouble just calls to her?  This is just an example, she didn't just put lipstick all over herself, she went straight for Cara's hot pink fingernail polish.

She can be a sweet little helper, but most often her favorite word is NO (even when she means yes).  She is one fiery little two year old!

A great thing about Ali is that her next favorite word is Thank You.  She says thank you for everything.  In fact it is not uncommon to find her chanting it.  She is a great little singer.  She and Andy sing Christmas songs all the time.  I love to hear them singing.

I have had some funny conversations with the kids lately.  I wish I could remember them, but here are a couple.  Cara was asking me about being a missionary.
Cara: Is being a missionary hard?
Me: Yes, it is really hard.
Cara: Is being a missionary fun?
Me: Yes, it is fun.
Cara: Is it more hard or fun?
Me: It is more hard.
Cara: I just can't decide if I should go on a mission or not.
Me: You have lots of time to think about it.  You don't have to decide today.

I think this baby, Johnny, aka number 5, moves more than any of my others.  (Cara may have been a close second.)  It seems like my tummy is always rolling.  The kids have gotten really into watching it.  A few weeks ago Andy was watching the baby and he poked me in the boob and said, "is that baby moving."

The other day Andy was looking at a picture of Josh and I when we were married.
He said, "That's Josh."
Me: "Who is he with?"
Andy: "That pretty princess."
Me: "That's me."
Andy: "No, maybe it's Connie."
Me: "Look a little closer."
Andy: "Maybe it's you."
Should I be flattered that I was a pretty princess or sad that I'm not any more.

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