Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break

We have learned that if we don't get out of Cache Valley for Spring Break we will be left in the cold.  Last fall I booked a condo in St. George.  It is the closest place to us with a warm climate.  We spent a full week there with no plans except being together and relaxing.  It was a nice get away that I have been looking forward to.

The condo had a couple of pools so our days consisted of going to the pool (twice most days).  Having a couple of barbecues with our friends, shopping, and doing a little hiking.  The kids watched too much TV, but that is part of vacation I guess.  It was relaxing and great to be together without the regular distractions of life.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.

You can see they had fun playing together in the pool.

Andy loved the kiddy pool, and played in it for hours every day.

Nothing calls for a photo shoot like the red rocks of Southern Utah.

Ali and I are good hiking partners.  We didn't go far, and we move at the same pace.


The Ravsten's said...

Looks like a great trip! So happy for you and although you may be slow, you look cute! Hope things go well the next few months. Love ya.

Cathie said...

Holy cow you have been blogging like crazy - where have I been?!? All of your kids ARE growing up - holy smokes. SO CUTE - all of them! St. George looks SUPER FUN!

Diane said...

You can tell your kids had a blast. I love vacations that are all about just being together.