Monday, March 12, 2012

Ali Turned 2!

Ali was happy to celebrate her 2nd birthday with a couple of new outfits, 
some new shoes and a dinner trip to Chic-Fil-A. 

Cloths and shoes is what you get when you have a practical mom who feels like there are more than enough toys in the house.  Ali didn't mind a bit.  I don't think she understand what birthday means, but she did understand that it was her special day and she loved the attention.

Everyone was happy about the trip out for dinner and the reason to party!

Blowing out the candle is something that she didn't get, but she did like the look of it.

I wasn't up to making Ali a birthday cake so we went with an icecream cake.  She loved it!

Connie and Colby came over for Ali's "party" and had a post party preparing for Cara's birthday part next Saturday.

Grandma Iva is the one who always brings the fun wrapped birthday presents.  Of course Andy and Cara both wanted to take care of unwrapping it for Ali.

It was a cute little Dora picnic basket.  You would think that it was Andy's, but Ali was quick to put him in his place.

She played with it all afternoon.  She is just growing up so fast!!

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