Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cara is 6!

Cara is such a fun birthday girl!  She is so grateful for every little thing and SO EXCITED!  It has been wonderful to celebrate with her this year.  Her "real" birthday was on Thursday and she got some great gifts including starting violin lessons.  She got to start them on her birthday and she is really excited.  She says that she wants to learn the cello, but she will learn the violin first.  I am thrilled to have an aspiring musician.  Music is a direction that I really support.  We planned her party for the Saturday following her birthday so that Connie and Colby could come.  I asked Connie to head it up since I am in survival mode.  Connie picked the art theme which Cara loved.  I did make the cake.  (Just in case you can't tell it is a painters pallet.)  Of course we had to have some green frosting since her party was on St. Patricks day. 

Cara has never blown out all of her own candles.  Usually Caleb gets impatient and helps her out, but this year she got them all.  Probably one at a time because I have about 10 pictures, but she did it.  The miracle was that she didn't start her hair on fire with all of that blowing and those bouncing curls.

Her friends at the party were so cute.  In fact, I couldn't pick one picture.  We started the party sponge painting these aprons.  It was a great girl project.  

Top: Sydney, Korinne, Cara, Jessica, Taylor
Bottom: Halle, Jenna, Sarah

We played some pictionary.  They just chose their own "thing to draw" and whoever guessed it got to draw next.  They really enjoyed the play dough sculpting activity.  Connie would give them something to sculpt like a cake, balloons, the number 6 ect. and they would have 1-2 minutes to make their creation.  I think a fun time was had by all. 

The boys had their own fun.  They were mostly happy about the cake and ice cream and bugging the girls when they could.

Cara scored some awesome gifts from her friends including these press on nails she is sporting.  What more could a six year old ask for!  Our Sweet Caroline is growing up. 

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The Ravsten's said...

I forget all the birthdays that you have around the same time. Crazy and fun! I love the art party idea. Must keep that in my brain for a future event! Great mom!