Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Strangely Quiet

The start of a new school year brings with it all kinds of excitement and emotions. Although Caleb has been away for many hours at a time many times the start of first grade has left our home feeling strangely quiet. Caleb is so spirited. He will be missed. I am not often sentimental, but I sure love him. I didn’t think I would be sad saying good-by this morning, but I was. I asked him if he wanted me to walk him to the bus and he said, “why?” I told him that I needed to get my shoes and he said, “maybe you could just walk me to the bus some other day.” My little boy is growing up.

He has no idea what is about to hit him. This summer his “chores” have been reading, doing two pages of “homework”, and practicing the piano. Yesterday he asked if he can not do chores any more since he is starting first grade. I asked what he had in mind, I was thinking that he meant emptying the dishwasher or making his bed, but he wanted to give up reading and homework and just do it all at school. Oh boy, I guess he will learn soon enough how full his new life is going to be.

He is really excited about his new teacher, Mrs. Geddes, and about the friends he already has in his class. Mrs. Geddes is going to have her hands full! In his morning prayer today he prayed that he would be able to make good decisions and that he would be good at school. I hope that he keeps that desire. A couple of weeks ago while we were putting the kids to bed I was telling each of them how good they are. Caleb said, “No, I’m not good! I try to be, but sometimes I just make bad decisions.” I am excited to watch him grow up and learn to make better decisions, which I am confident he will.

We have had a really great week with our final days of summer celebrations. We spent Tuesday at the Redneck Waterslide in Wellsville and yesterday we took a group up to my parent’s garden and farm. The highlight for Caleb though was having his first fall soccer practice and going on a date with his mom. As we drove around getting new shoes and a new soccer uniform for our “date” he kept telling me, “I’m such a lucky boy!” I am grateful that he recognizes his blessings. I love that he is so is so vocal about expressing his gratitude when we do nice things for him. I really believe Caleb has a wonderful life ahead.

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Karlenn said...

What a cutie. You are such a good mom, with the morning prayers. Yikes. I have let a lot of things slide for the past nine months. Time to buckle down and get back on track...