Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mutton Bustin

This summer Caleb and Cara have done a little mutton bustin. Caleb was too big to sign up to do it at That Famous Preston Night Rodeo and he was sad about that so he took his turn riding a sheep at the 24th of July Celebration in Mendon. He was really scared and went very last. By that point they weren't even letting go of the sheep and they were letting the kids ride backwards. They said that they could hold on better and didn't have as far to fall. So here is Caleb riding a sheep backwards being held onto, just like he wanted. He was still scared!

Cara rode hers at the rodeo. Here she is pre ride.

Unfortunately the picture of her coming out of the shoot turned out like this.

She is a brave little soul, but she wasn't very happy about coming off. Grandpa Neil was right out there to help her. I think it is just as fun for him as it is for the kids. I am pretty sure that he gets more nervous about it than they do. I wondered if I am a bad parent putting my child on a wild sheep, but heck you only live once.


Jennifer said...

Um, that is hilarious. I can't believe they are riding sheep. But that is one cute cowgirl!

Karlenn said...

I love how fearless Cara is. I think Dylan would have reacted how Caleb reacted. Those two are sooo much alike.