Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Sanity

One main thing that helps me to be sane in the summer is our summer group coop which is why I am blogging right now. (Caleb and Cara are currently gone.) Caleb and Cara go to "summer group" for three hours every Monday. I take my turn to host one week a month. The brake is good for all of us. Last week Cody (my brother) came and did what has become our annual rocket launch. It is so fun for the kids and for Cody.

First, Cody talked to them about the rockets and taught them how to get them ready to launch.

The kids helped prep the rockets.

They counted down and took turns launching them.

This one the parachute didn't come out and it came down like a missile head first into the park.

What a fun tradition.


Jennifer said...

Awesome, thanks for doing that. My kids still talk about it. And look at Jenna's face in that last picture. Ha!

Karlenn said...

I reeeeeally could have used one of those co-ops this summer. My kids kicked my butt this summer. Your brother is just the cutest dude.