Thursday, August 12, 2010


The other day I walked into the nursery where I had left Ali in her little chair and this is what I found.

Cara was "fixing" Ali's hair. Ironically Ali is almost completely balled except for a little patch of hair in the back. Cara loves her little sister and Ali is such a good sport about all of the attention she receives.

I love it when siblings where matching cloths but having boy, girl, boy, girl gender order puts a damper on that. I did find these cute little summer dresses that match for Cara and Ali.

Ali also started solids this month. She looks at me like I am trying to poison her when I feed her, but she doesn't cry. She just hates it. I hope that will end soon. This picture is a cute little girl in our ward, Malory, who loves babies and is always willing to help with Ali.

It may not look like it in this picture, but it took me to my forth to figure out that gravity really helps when feeding a baby solids. I have always used a high chair making it much easier for them to spit out their food. If I lay them on the floor it just slips back and they have very little choice other than to swallow.

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Karlenn said...

Very good idea, feeding her while she's lying down. I love that she looks at you like you're trying to poison her. So funny. I always add sugar to my babies' food, like a spoonful per cereal and a spoonful per veggies. It helps. :)