Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stitches, Dance Camp, and My 33rd Birthday

We know that stitches were inevitable with four active children. In fact, July 1st we signed up for an AFLAC accident insurance policy. It wasn’t a surprise that Caleb was the first have an unquestionable need for stitches. If you think that I am an irresponsible parent please stop reading here, but if you promise not to pass judgment you may continue. Here is the quick story: We were at a family reunion at my parents and my cousin brought some awesome miniature four wheelers. Caleb went for a ride with a few people including Josh, who was riding right next to him. Apparently Caleb was doing a great job driving, and he was in heaven. He couldn’t have been happier when he took off. At one point he turned to see Josh and he turned the wheels as well, right into a barbed wire fence. We were REALLY lucky that he walked away with only a few scratches, and that he didn’t crash at some other point in the road. It could have been so much worse.

It wasn’t a pretty sight, and he very obviously needed stitches so my sister Connie and I took him into the Preston ER. He received great care and six total stitches.

On a happier note, Cara participated in a Dance Camp with the high school Caprielles a few weeks ago. She loved it and was with her best friend Korinne. She and Korinne and another girl who live in the Cal-de-sac, Taylor, have been inseparable this summer. Now that it has cooled off a little, Cara has a very tight social agenda from about 9 AM to about 6 PM when I make her come in for dinner. The girls can be found hanging out in any of the three garages. (Going in each other’s houses has been off limits although they are sneaking that in a little more often.) This week they have used almost all of the supplies in our first aid kit bandaging themselves and their dolls. They are so darn cute it is hard to get mad at them, and whenever they know they have done something bad they clean up the mess making it hard for me to come up with a consequence.

So I turned 33 on August 28th. My best friend, Erica, keeps reminding me how old that is. I guess I am officially in my mid thirties. For some reason I have no problem with getting older. I feel very content with the things that I have accomplished and with age I feel like I have a few more things under my belt, like I am more credible.

Erica’s husband, Dave, planned an awesome date weekend that happened to fall over my birthday. He sure got Josh off the hook. We spent Friday night and Saturday in Bear Lake with NO KIDS! I haven’t been childless since before Andy was born. It was really nice! We took in two shows at the Pickelville Playhouse. I love live theater although I was expecting these shows to be really small town. I was blown away with how entertaining they were. I can be really critical, but I give them a 10 out of 10 for entertainment. I haven’t laughed that hard for a LONG time. Saturday we had a great time jet skiing, four wheeling, and visiting. It was a fantastic birthday weekend.

Okay, so I admit that there are some disadvantages of getting older. My body isn’t what it used to be. I have had terrible Plantar Fasciitis (foot pain) this summer. I have even resorted to icing my feet multiple times a day and wearing tennis shoes most of the time. I hate it. I also have really blotchy skin on my face. I got it REALLY bad when I was preggo with Andy, and it has never fully gone away. The sun makes it way worse. In fact, I am having a hard time being willing to post a birthday picture because my skin looks bad. Finally, my weight has always been consistent within five pounds, even through my pregnancies, but currently I am chubbier than I have ever been by 15 pounds. Today I wrote the following letter:

Dear Baby Weight,

I am writing to inform you that I have finished breast-feeding, you have served your purpose, and now it is time for you to go. You represent a pregnancy in which Zofran did its job. I appreciate that you have not joined me with my other pregnancies although I would choose you over constantly throwing-up which is why you have never been around before. I would invite you to stick around due to my love for food, but I have come to the conclusion that I like fitting into my pants more than I like food. I don’t think the “muffin top” is a good look for me. You will have to leave - the sooner the better!!! I have joined and I look forward saying good by to you – until next time. If you try to blame a slow departure on my age or metabolism I am not against going to extreme measures, but I would appreciate your cooperation.

Your Desperate Victim


connieodessa said...

I noticed you left out how much chattering caleb did at the hospital...telling EVERYONE what happened! And that he wore his blood stained shirt the rest of the day! haha!
Love you sis!

Erica said...

Oh wow! I think this is your best blog post ever. And so close to your last post!!!! It must be all that old age ;) I like you better in your old age anyway. Haha! Be sure to remind me in 5 years how O.L.D. 33 is okay? And I LOVE the letter. I'm not sure who I should write my letter to..... I guess I'll just have to start running cause I can't think of any good excuse for my weight right now.

neil said...

A few stitches build boys and memories.Thanks for the good times. LUV YA'

misty said...

Awesome letter Carrie. That has to be the one method I have not yet tried. I do love your blog. I feel close to your kids because of all the cute pictures. And happy birthday. I thought about it all day (my Andy's birthday, too) and still didn't call. Forgive me?