Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Something Special about Cousins

My parents have 10 grandchildren, and my kids are lucky enough to have cousins very close to their age. My sister Christie (who is just 14 months younger than me) had her first, Kate, on June 8 three months after Ali was born, March 8. (Cathie's baby Dax is a September birthday so he will also be in the same grade as the girls.)

Here Kate and Ali are snuggled up playing in the bouncy chair . . .

Just before they fell asleep.

At one point while we were together the girls were laying on the floor mat together. Kate was fussing until Ali stuck her arm in Kate's mouth for her to pacify. They will be great friends.

Andy's special cousin friend is Danny, my only brother Cody's boy. They are almost four months apart in age. They are just getting to the point that they can play together. Danny likes to bully Andy, which is the story of Andy's life so Andy just thinks that it is a sign of love.

Cara and Emi, Cathie's little girl, are also great friends. They were the only girls until Ali was born. They are a little further apart in age, 15 months, but they are all girl. They have a great time together.

I don't have a picture from this last trip (Cathie and her family were here in August which naturally leads to a family reunion) but Cara also gets along very well with Corbin who is just younger than Cara and smart as a whip.

Caleb's best cousin friend is Colter. Colter is 11 months older than Caleb, although Caleb is way bigger, a fact that Colter has gotten used to. Their personalities are VERY different. It doesn't matter though, there is just something special about cousins because they love their time together.

On a side note, one of my dear friends, Hilary, has started calling Andy J.J. for Josh Junior. Andy's personality comes out more and more all the time. He is such a little teaser. He prentends to bite or teases in other ways just to get a rise out of people. He laughs and loves to play. He is also talking more and more. It doesn't take much to impress me, but I am totally impressed. I think he is well above the 50 word bench mark for a baby turning 2. I love to watch his cheeks bounce when he runs, and he loves to be with Caleb and Cara.


sorichfamily said...

So cute!! Cousins are the best! Looks like you had a great summer! ps...happy birthday! love ya!!

The Ravsten's said...

I think cousins are great too! We had such a wonderful childhood together. Great memories. Love ya.

neil said...

It is so fun to watch the family grow and personalities develop.Keep up the good work LUV YA'