Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cara's an Aggie

Cara is in the USU lab preschool this year. I wanted to do Joy School again, but I couldn't get enough people who were interested. Luckily I signed Cara up for the lab preschool when she was a baby so I wasn't terribly concerned about her getting in. One of my main concerns with doing a preschool that isn't Joy School (or a neighborhood coop) is spending hours on the road, but my back up plan has worked out AWESOME. There are two other kids from Providence in Cara's class and they both happen to live in our neighborhood. One of the mom's has to be at the University at pickup time anyway so she is picking up every day so I just have to drop the three of them off twice a week. I feel so blessed that it has worked out so well. Also, it is an amazing deal. She goes 2.5 hours four days a week and it is only $210 a semester. I would be paying more than that for almost any other two day a week preschool in the valley. There are five "teachers" and 20 kids in her class. I think it will be a wonderful experience for her.

She is going to be a very busy four year old. Not only does she have preschool four days a week (which is really more than I would like) but she also has speech three mornings a week. The reality is that she will have more school this year than she will next year in kindergarden. She does love to get out, and she seems to be settling into her new routine quite well.

It only took the first three days of preschool for me to realize that our house may be too small for the amount of art Cara brings home. The lab school is extremely self directed with a open curriculum. In fact, the first 1.5 hours the children can choose what station they would like to be at. I get the feeling that Cara spends most of her time at the art station. On the first day of school she brought home this giant painting and hung it on the fridge. It covered both sides so that the fridge couldn't be opened.

Two days later she brought home all four of these art projects. She painted and stuffed a cloud, she made a beaded necklace, she painted tin foil and she made a mask. There must be a monster that eats art projects in our house because one by one they disappear. I don't know how much she will study her alphabet or learn her numbers at school, but she is LOVING the art!

I created this post while she was at school. I had to add one more picture of the projects she did on the day of the post. So . . . I guess the garage is the new "art room."


Heather said...

hey carrie...

I love seeing cute updates on your blog. I just love fun preschools too. I was thinking about the art wall in our garage growing up. My parents put all the huge artwork out there. It made the garage much more pleasant and was a great place to hang things. I keep wondering if my daughter would be offended if i hung stuff in the garage. But i'm guessing she would just be glad it's up. Anyhoo... happy end of summer to you. I'm glad I got to know you better at the retreat! I admire all the good you do!

Andersons said...

What an awesome opportunity for her! If I lived in the valley I'd totally sign my kids up too. :-) Did you sign up for Edith Bowen as well?