Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grandma Alice

Ali was named after her Great Grandma Alice Kirk. (Josh's dad's mom. She was also named after Josh's moms mom, Sophia, but we don't have a picture of her with Grandma Betty yet. Yes, she goes by Betty, but her given first name is Sophia.) Grandma Alice moved in with Josh's parents just a couple of weeks after Ali was born. Grandma is 94 years old and seems to be so pleased and flattered that we named dear Ali after her. She calls her Alice and loves to sing to her and to hold her. We are glad to have Grandma near by so that we can spend time with her.


Karlenn said...

That really is so flattering. I had a friend name her cat after me, and I just loved it. :) She looks like such a sweet lady.

Cathie said...

Love this!

Julie and Nate said...

So I just saw your blog on your facebook page. I have to tell you this is weird. We named our baby Kate (born 2/2/10) after my dad's mom Katie. And we blessed her on May 2nd. Crazy coincidence. :)