Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swimming, swimming and more swimming

The best part of the trip to Saint George for the kids was the pool. It was cold the first few days we were there so we went to an awesome indoor aquatic center.

Most of the week the kids were out in "our" pool first thing in the morning. They didn't care that the air was cold it just made the pool feel warmer. Their swimming skills really progressed which is good because I have decided not to go to the expense of putting them in swimming lessons this summer. Caleb can get around without a life jacket.

They loved the diving board and learned to do lots of tricks. Anyone who knows what a scaredy Caleb can be should really appreciate these pictures. He is getting brave!


Cathie said...

Cool! How fun is that!

Mindi said...

I love all the updates. We went to Vegas for part of spring break we could have met up with you for a little while.

Karlenn said...

Ohh, so jealous. We need some warm weather here, stat.