Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Road Trip

It has been a busy month! We took another road trip last weekend to see the Kirk extended family and to support Clayton and Anne in their marriage. We went to Butte Montana. Six full hours each way (even speeding). It was a long drive on Sunday to arrive by 4:00 for the wedding. The was performed in a Greek Orthodox church and the entire ceremony was sang or chanted. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was over an hour long and was a great review of the Bible. Here is a picture of the church and couple.

The reception/dinner was amazing. They went all out! The food, venue, and decorations were incredible. It was really an outstanding party, and it was followed by a dance. I didn't get any good dance pictures because of the lighting, but here is Cara enjoying the company of Grandma Sharon.

Andy and Josh ate and ate. It was so good! Caleb was busy making friends and eating all of the mints out of the bathroom.

The kids did amazingly well considering the number of hours they have spent in the car this month. The only really annoying thing is that Caleb and Cara ask over and over "how much longer." They have no concept of time so even when we tell them they ask "is that a long time?" Josh remembers making that trip many times as a child in the back of a pick-up truck. I think his parents were smart. They didn't have to listen to the kids ask how much longer. We did take a short pit stop in Idaho Falls both directions. It is fun to sit across from the temple for a snack.


Karlenn said...

You naughty girl, stopping in I.F. and not giving me a call. (I totally understand.) How fun, to go to a wedding like that. I am addicted to this show on TLC called Four Weddings, and it's fun to see different religions' weddings.

Camille said...

Yowza - that sounds like a long drive!
You are braver than I - I have to be seriously bribed to take a drive like that with my kids.
The wedding looks fun though. Did you have a babysitter for the kids during the ceremony? I think mine would have DIED if they had to sit still and quiet during all of that chanting!
Glad you had a good time.
That water in the IF snake river looks pretty muddy - must be spring time.

Cathie said...

That is cool. You guys do have a great life!

neil said...

No pictures of the Ranch or at least cows in the meadows in Montanna. I am not sure you left the Valley. LUV YA'